Man Flu Essay Sample

Published: 2018-03-06
Man Flu Essay Sample
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Man flu meme

I. Introduction.

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A. Attention Getter: There is a general belief that there exists a man flu, a disease that affects men and results from men having a weaker immunity than women. Some believe that men exaggerate the symptoms of the common flu hence making it appear as if it were a huge infection while in reality it is the normal flu that affects everybody else.

B. Reason to listen: Half of the population is composed of male and therefore, the existence of such a term, or the disease thereof, creates a special interest.

C. Thesis Statement: The term continues to be widely used and has even been included in various famous dictionaries to describe the condition of which no scientific backing is available.

D. Credibility Statement: I have been very interested in the term ever since I heard it for the first time as a young boy, with the term being used to describe me whenever I caught a flu.

E. Preview of the main points:

1. First of all, I will describe the origin of the term

2. Secondly, I will describe how the term is used

3. Then describe the validity of the term

4. Lastly, I will describe the implication of the term

II. From the usage of the term, it seems that the term is widely used and therefore, it is also true that the myth is widely believed.

A. The term is widely used in UK and Ireland which means that the origin of the term is most likely to be in UK and Ireland. The term has then spread to other cultures especially the English-speaking ones.

Transition: Now that I have discussed the origin of the term, I will discuss how the term is used.

B. The term is used exclusively against or towards men

1. In the beginning, it may have been used jokingly but the term gained popularity probably from the fun aspect of it or from the reaction it gets from men on whom the term is being used against.

2. The term is only used to describe flu like diseases or the flu itself.

3. It is widely thought that men have weak immune or they exaggerate the symptoms of the normal disease

Transition: Now that I have discussed how the term is used, next I will discuss the validity of the term.

C. The term has recently gained wide usage. However:

1. The term \man flu\" has no scientific backing whatsoever. 2. The exaggeration of flu is just as common in males just as in female hence naming it \"man flu\" makes no sense. Transition: Now that I have discussed the validity of the term I will discuss its implications.

D. The term being used against men has several implications:

1. It means that men's illnesses are highly overlooked.

2. This leads to reduced care of male patients who may need attention because they are always dismissed as suffering from the \"man flu\"


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