Essay Sample on Organizing and Tracking Data

Published: 2019-10-10
Essay Sample on Organizing and Tracking Data
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Journal entry on how you are organizing and tracking the data you are collecting from the data collection tool test.

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When collecting data from a geographically diverse population, doing an online survey is the best in gathering the information. It is a cost-effective way for collecting qualitative and quantitative data. You can define the questions and response using the online interface (Vogt 2010). After collecting data from the surveys, you have to analyse the data collected. Tracking and analysing data can be achieved through the use of different softwares such as SPSS and Nvivo due to their ability to generate quality results ( Longford 2015).

I will collect data through one on one interview, using standardized instruments or through the telephone as well as using softwares. Interviews are more depth in collecting data because they will give the chance to ask questions more deeply and can ask more complicated questions because you have the opportunity to clarify any confusion. (Courtney 2015) The advantages of interviews are the richness of the information gathered. You can clarify and information and can request for more elaborative answers. However, it is a bit expensive and time-consuming. While using a phone call interview, you can collect the information from a few people.( Chesnay 2015)

Records and document review involve a systematic collection from the existing records. With the availability of internal records. The data is available and can be retrieved at any time. ( Longford 2015). Data collection softwares can also be used such as Nvivo, which also helps in analysing the data collected, easier tracking and editing when required.The data collected via data collection softwares or other methods will be stored and backed up through different softwares such as Nvivo and Dedoose. The softwares ensure the data is readily available and timely when needed. Tracking data is also easier as well as making few changes to form a useful data collection tool since the softwares provide different tools such as create, store as well as find and replace when editing the data is necessary (Shukla 2014)


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