Psychology Essay Sample: Interpersonal Conflict

Published: 2019-10-22
Psychology Essay Sample: Interpersonal Conflict
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Interpersonal conflicts may increase the level of misunderstanding between individuals destroying their relationship. In chapter 8, we learnt about the effects of interpersonal relationships on social support. Close individuals may often ask for social support among one another in a healthy relationship. However, extending social support can cause conflict between individuals especially when one individual feels that they are being used. Interpersonal conflict may arise in this situation if one individual feels that they are over supportive.

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The television program NCIS presents various forms of interpersonal conflicts between various characters in the show. One of the major interpersonal conflicts in the show arises when a father and a son conflict over secrecy. The conflict involves Jibs and his father, Jackson. Interpersonal conflicts in the film are similar to interpersonal conflicts in real life situations. Further, when conflict is personal it can be termed as an angry disagreement. This type of conflict usually leads to detrimental consequences if the conflict is not resolved. The conflict between the films main character Jethro Gibbs and his father, Jackson, is caused by miscommunication. Gibbs feels like Jackson holds so much from him and this creates miscommunication between the two characters.

Jackson wants Gibbs to meet an old friend whom they served together in the army during the Second World War. However, Gibbs is mad at his father because he gives him incomplete pieces of information during the search mission and this creates a misunderstanding between the two characters. Further, Jackson puts Gibbs into more trouble after being involved in a road accident that causes him to lose his license. Walter Beck is Jacksons old friend and they have a long relationship since their encounter in the Second World War. However, Jackson does not explain to Gibbs that Beck supported the Nazi during the Second World War, which fuels up the interpersonal conflict between Gibbs and his father.

The relationship between Gibbs and his father is flawed since the early stages of the show. Gibbs and his father were close when he was a child. However, the relationship between the two characters worsens after Gibbss mother died and his father started having other relationships. Moreover, Gibbs is also mad at his father for most part of the film until the sixth episode where the two reconcile during a Christmas night. Gibbs father was involved in a shooting after some robbers tried to break in to his store. He holds information regarding the shooting from his son and this causes a feud between the two after Gibbs finds out about the shooting. The two reconcile after Gibbs father gives his son some insights into what unfolded in the fateful night.

Gibbs relationship with his father is flawed because Gibbs feels that his father holds so much from him. However, the relationship changes gradually over the last episodes after Gibbs helps his father in a life saving mission against his enemies. Gibbs learns about more about his father when he passes away. He also learns about his fathers relationship with Walter Beck who fought for the Nazis in the Second World War. Gibbs learns that his father helped Beck to change from his old life.

The film explains the role of communication in creating interpersonal relationships. Interpersonal conflict is used in the film to create drama and suspense. The two main characters in the film, Gibbs and Jackson, create drama in their unstable relationship in most parts of the film. Nevertheless, the disagreement between Jackson and Gibbs is majorly caused by angry disagreement between the two characters.

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