Essay Example on Employment Contracts and Other Legal Acts

Published: 2019-06-26
Essay Example on Employment Contracts and Other Legal Acts
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An employment contract is an agreement or an important document that sets out the terms and conditions of employment between an employer and an employee. The agreement allows both parties to solidify their relationship making sure that everyone agrees on salary, benefits, working hours and confidential information. It is the best way to make sure that people are on the same page. The contract also attributes for rights and responsibilities between parties to bargaining. It denotes the relationship of social subordination and economic dependence. Therefore for any Organization to operate effectively and efficiently, an employment contract must be in place as it is a legal requirement.

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The Rights and Responsibilities of the employer and employees at Queen Ethelburga

Employers and workers have duties that they should accomplish. For instance, employees should:

  • Be careful and work safely to themselves and others from being injured by wearing protective equipment provided.
  • Report any workplace health and safety issues such as injuries, illnesses, hazards and near misses.
  • Follow the rules and regulations as well as procedures to ensure maximization of output.

Employers also have responsibilities that should be fulfilled. Employers should:

  • Provide training to all employees in the organization to maximize their production.
  • Give safe entry and exit at the workplace.
  • Provide employees with information and instructions to ensure their health and safety at work.
  • Communicate with employees on any changes taking place in the organization.
  • Give clear rules and guidelines to be followed.

Employment contracts

The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974

This Act ensures that the employer provides a safe and healthy environment for their employees who are the principal assets of the organization. The Act provides that the workers conditions of work are safe and that their health is not negatively affected by these circumstances. Protecting the employees is the priority for any employer. The manager should ensure that all tools and equipment are well maintained including the necessary personal protective equipment. Medical examinations should be provided to the employees as well as providing required training in regards to the Acts standards. Organizations that deal with toxic and toxic components should ensure that employees have protective costumes to prevent any health complications from the chemicals. To be in line with the law, QE follow to the letter all the sanitation and safety precautions to protect their employees. In the case of fire incidences, every organization should have procedures on how to evacuate. QE therefore has taken care and provided lots of fire alarms, fire detectors and fire extinguishers in all the structures. This is to help quickly employees identify fire outbreak and minimize any losses that might occur. At the beginning of employment, QE provides all new employees with the health and safety regulations that do not conflict any other legislations. This is because they are aware of how important this Act is.

The Equal Pay Act 1979

This act ensures equality regarding payment for all employees regardless of gender, race, ethnic groups, religion, age and disability. Any employee who feels that they are paid equally has a legal right to sue the company for unequal pay in regards to Equal Pay Act 1979.this is mandatory for all employers in all Organizations. QE has put in action this Act by paying all teachers equally regardless of gender, ethnic group or race as long as they are in the same job group. For example, QE pays all A-level economic teachers the same pay as per the terms and conditions of employment regardless of their color, age, gender and any other discriminatory aspect. Therefore QE has been keen on following The Equal Pay Act 1979 without conflict with any other legislation.

The Employment Act 2002

This Act ensures viable working places for parents, making sure that what they earn is satisfy their needs and preferences. The Act provides reasonable opportunities to those who need flexible hours. For example, it ensures that a worker with children below the age of six years or with children having any disability has flexible hours of work. Paid maternity leave is provided for women until they are back to work for the specified duration. QE has always been in support of this Act as they offer paid maternity as well as paternity leave for their employees. Employees who feel valued and appreciated end up being motivated and giving productive output improving the total productivity of the firm. This in turn, enhances the company image and reputation.

The Employment Rights Act 1996

The Act ensures that there is an annual legal contract explaining workings hours and wage for the employees of that particular company. Any employer who overworks or underpays an employee should be sued in regards to the Employment Rights Act 1996. QE employees are paid on time and actual amount as agreed in the contract. Trust is imperative between parties and when confidence in embedded, everything else falls into place. Employees are satisfied, the employer is happy and Organization becomes productive.

The Sex Discrimination Act 1975

This Act protects employees against any sexual discrimination that might occur; male or female. In many cases, male figures are given more power than women but this Act ensures that all people get equal positions that they deserve regardless of sex. During recruitment, selection or even promotions, no employee should be given special treatment for their sex. Violation of this Act should be reported or sued. QE has not been an exception as it has not denied anyone an employment opportunity based on their gender. It does not conflict any other legislation.

The Race Relations Act 1976

The Act makes sure that all workers in organizations are given equal privileges and that no one is denied those rights because of their race. Any employer who denies an interested candidate a chance to work in the organization because of their nationality should be sued. Equality Act 2010 has also covered this Act. QE is an international school that has been in line with this Act by employing people from diverse nationalities, thereby not conflicting any legislation.

The Disability Discrimination Act 1995

This Act protects the physically disabled by ensuring that they are paid equally for the work they have done. Organizations therefore provide all the required tools and equipment such as elevators and visual signs to the physically challenged to make their working conditions favorable. The act ensures that the employer accommodated the physically challenged in the Organization other than choosing the highly qualified able personnel. For example Armorial Hall should be sued as they have no provided elevators for the physically challenged yet they are there.

The Employment Equality (Age) 2006, the Employment Equality (Sexual Orientation) Regulations 2003

The Act prohibits any employer of employing or discriminating anyone by their age and sexual orientation. Employer is forbidden from asking the age or gender of a candidate during recruitment as it is against the law. If such an incident happens then the company can be sued. QE has put in action this Act by not employing people about their age and gender. They consider candidates knowledge, skills, abilities, competencies and qualification.


All institutions legally registered should have copies of these Acts as they govern how organizations run and operate. Policies and procedures in the organizations should also adhere to ensuring that there is order. Failure to follow this Act can lead to the closure of the Organization which can cause an unimaginable loss in the company. As for employee, if any of these Acts is violated against you, then you can sue the organization and be entitled to damages. Adhering to the Employment Acts is significant.

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