Human Nature Essay Sample

Published: 2018-03-29
Human Nature Essay Sample
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Some interesting facts about human behaviour

Comparing nature against nurture is a critical topic with a never-ending debate whereby the proponents believe that we are made naturally while others will believe that we are who we are due to the upbringing we are subjected to. Nature refers to the inborn characteristic of the human being starting from the day when we are born and up to the time we die. While nurture refers to the trait modification due to the environment and training that people undergo. The process of naturalization is a day to day activity that will culminate into forming a person with a certain given qualities and characteristic. But nature will dictate that the habit, trait, and features of a person are inborn and he will mature up to still contain those traits and habits.

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Though nature has a permanent influence in the life of a person and building a person to who they are, it is nurture that will determine the worth of a person and the difference between them. Nurture will dictate their character among other men and how productive to the social theory is going to be. Nurture is traits adapted from the environment hence not unique to a given individual. The human being who is well trained and coached into a given field will acquire the prowess and technique to help them maneuver their way. The education and training process is one of the steps of nature or adopting a person into a given technique in life that will grant them the privilege of leading a certain kind of life.

Nurture is a superior aspect of any given person and more beneficial since through the nurturing process, men and women of worth, dignity and industry are made. The training process will create men who will create, innovate and invent a thing that will forestry men to a great height. There is no single person who will claim of doing a single coactivity without any form of training and coaching. It is through this activity that people acquire sufficient skills to provide for their families, to achieve a great milestone in theory lives and to focus on accomplishing the great purpose in life.

The naturalization process also plays a role in empowering the human race with skills and power to generate more wealth and be more productive. It is a notable fact that many of the careers emanated from the training process which is a way of ensuring that men maintain a given quality of life that will push the economy into greater milestones. Companies, industries, and government need men who are trained in their ways and tutored into their techniques hence fostering the working culture of a given company in a curtailing form. It is through a given form of training or nurturing that will convert ordinary men into this kind of professionals. Since every position will one day need a replacement, people are advised to at least nature one or two people who will be incorporated into a speed of the company and to enable them to succeed in the ways of the company.

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