Essay Example on Criteria Matrix and Alternatives about Groundwater Sustainability Program

Published: 2018-09-24
Essay Example on Criteria Matrix and Alternatives about Groundwater Sustainability Program
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Criteria and alternative selection

Weighted criteria matrix is a tool used in decision making and evaluation of alternative programs about specific evaluation criteria weighted with importance. On the other hand, the value of an option can be identified through the assessment of the alternatives basing on specific guidelines. In the analysis of the criteria, they are treated independently reducing the chances of biases and over-relying on a single criterion (Figueira Greco & Ehrgott, 2005). Therefore in this paper, the primary focus will be on giving details on the choice of the specific criteria and their respect to the outlined alternatives. However, the whole selection and justification of the criteria and the alternatives works in ensuring underground water sustainability.

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In selecting the criteria for analysis, it should be noted that underground water is one of the factors that are at the risk of getting extinct. In most cases, underground water is always in association with forestry management and environmental conservation. Therefore, in the selection of these criteria, there was a general evaluation of all the environmental factors that may affect ground water and the way to handle them. In that case leading to the selection of the following criteria; cost, effectiveness, impact costs and implementation.

The importance of the criteria about groundwater sustainability program.

Cost is the value of the resources used in achieving a particular element. Every aspect with an objective to meet a goal to archive has a cost. Many mistakes cost to the monetary value which is not the case in the real application. The cost of underground water sustainability is a quite high, but it is a vital step in the process of delivering the universe. In establishing this project, there is need of initiating afforestation and reforestation (Tisdell, 2005). In another context, it is quite a process in acquiring the trees species that could rehabilitate corrupt environment in short time and develop wetlands in required time. Availability of resources to finance the project will steer up the rate of project accomplishment. Therefore, the organization should prioritize in settling the cost of the project so as to facilitate the operational stage of the project. It should also be realized how important value is to set a basis for the settlement of sustainable underground water (Tisdell, 2005).

Impact cost is the cost incurred by the seller in the course of the transaction. In this case, the primary transaction is the delivery of sustainability to the underground water. Therefore, the organization is expected to incur a lot of commitment and sacrifices in providing a sustainable condition to sustain groundwater. Some of the impact cost include the maintenance of forests and rehabilitated areas. However, the project can be only successful if the organization has the plans in delivering the project and meet its objectives (Tisdell, 2005). Therefore, without imparting proper impact cost, there is a possibility of project failure or failure of the transaction in a business set up. Therefore, this is an essential criterion that can also apply to the evaluation of the alternatives.

Environmental impact assessment

The effectiveness of a project determines lot the existence of a project, before initiation of the project, there is always a set objective about its impact on the society. Therefore, evaluation of the effectiveness of a project through Environmental impact assessment, the organization can know whether to proceed with the project or not. If the project has adverse consequences to the society, authorities will not certify any progress in the laying of the project. The effectiveness of a program is always the foresight for the quality of a program. Therefore in initiating the underground water sustainability program, it should be noted that the project has a great impact in controlling of nitrogen and carbon gas in the air at the same time reducing drought and laying a foundation for a sustainable environment. Therefore, this is a useful criterion in the analysis and implementation of alternatives.

In determining alternative, in this case, it should be to our realization that, the need of initiating environmental conservation program is for the benefit of the whole society. Therefore, even though the program will affect the entire community, it should be a common measure to ensure the success of the program.

Tree cutting law

Tree cutting and deforestation has been a national issue. Therefore in initiating the program, the organization will serve to put more focus on the factors that will safeguard forestry affairs. Through the tree cutting law, there will be regulation of people involved in tree cutting and deforestation. The law is legally accepted and passed by the Congress as per the United States of America code title 16 chapter 2 which serves on the legislation and regulation safeguarding the national forestry (Sample Cheng & ABC-Clio Information Services, 2004).

From the implementation of this law, there will be a caution to the public on how they handle the national forests and trees in general. Therefore, the alternative will lay prevention measures on trees handling which are the primary factors in ensuring groundwater sustainability (Sample Cheng & ABC-Clio Information Services, 2004).

. Through the alternative also, there can also be a reduced time in implementing the program, this is because the alternative will create a sense of accountability and concern to the citizens in turn leading them to take care of the environment hence accelerating the program in sustaining underground water.

Water source maintenance

Another alternative is reinforcing the maintenance of rivers and water operation. However, this option will slightly increase the cost and impact cost. Maintaining and cleaning water vegetation consuming a lot of water and creating cover needs more workforce to deliver the duty. However, the policy will also affect those people who tend to cultivate along the river bank and violate the public laws of water bodiest maintenance. In the other hand, the alternative might alter the organizational staff. Since there will be need of division of labor a department that will take care of forestry rehabilitation and the water sources maintenance unit. Therefore, this increase in responsibility will also increase the general cost and impact cost at the same time.

From the discussed points, these criteria and alternatives serve a better point to apply in the weighted criteria matrix. In the creation of the understanding of why there is the application of these factors in measures alternative analysis, there is the creation of a simple way to of settling managerial conflicts and understanding the channels to follow in developing a successful program. For there to be underground water sustainability, the organization should observe the results of the analysis in the criteria matrix.


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