Good Managers Essay Sample

Published: 2018-02-13
Good Managers Essay Sample
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Good manager

Learning is a continuous process and therefore we ought to gain much from day to day activities. Having worked under the NHIF body, Murangá branch, one of the aspects that I have learned is relating to different individuals. People have different personalities and characteristics which make them whole, respecting such elements is important. By interacting with the clients it is clear that people express themselves in different forms and thus I learned that being open-minded is fundamental.

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Another aspect which I have learned is that punctuality is essential in any form of meeting, or rather business. Once I arrive at the workstation the first thing to do is to sign the attendance list, which constitutes the time of arrival. From this, I understand that in any form of agreement, or even agency, time is essential. Moreso, to any person, the clock never stops and hence time is important. Respecting the schedule in relation to time is a great way to achieve any goal.

Working is a matter of engagement and flexibility, being rigid is not a good element to possess, since it hinders progress. Clearly, this is another factor that I have learned, even though we ought to be self-reliant, teamwork is part of a working environment. I worked in an open office where everyone knew each other, and it is through such an environment that I understood how flexibility and team work integrate. Flexibility entails the willingness to adapt and change this is as stated by West, Tjosvold, and Smith, (2003), by changing, working in a team becomes easy and adjustable.

Eloquence is also key, either in writing or in speech, working exposes a person to various environments. Out of this clarity is important since this enhances the level of communication and interaction. Expressing myself in any form portrays much about me, categorically this is also another thing that I have learned. Relating to any form of work requires persuasiveness, it is the only manner through which factors may articulate. In order for all this to work then, eloquence is essential.

Consequently, I have discovered some of my strengths, I really did not know that I would be persistence enough. I have been working on a project which required many resources. This made me talk to the compliance officer and since he was a stubborn man, I managed to convince him. Anyway, the point is that working has elevated my level of interaction as well as communicating. Moreover, I have become responsible and organized, by this I have accomplished various projects and even reports within the required timeline.


To sum up, I believe that working has been the most interesting experience I have had, based on all that I have learned, I think each person should work. Even if it is working in a store since basic skills are learned and even interactive skills are developed. In addition Prioritising the important factors is also another factor that a person learns. By having priorities, then things fall in place and even commitments are attained. Working elevates the level of understanding and this is the most fundamental aspect that I have learned.


West, M., Tjosvold, D. & Smith, K. (2003). International handbook of organizational teamwork and cooperative working. Chichester, West Sussex Hoboken, NJ: Wiley.

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