Air Pollution Essay Samples

Published: 2018-05-11
Air Pollution Essay Samples
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Causes of air pollution

Air pollution are basically the foreign material in the air—can be manmade or occur naturally. It may cause diseases, allergies and also death of humans; it may also cause harm to other living organisms such as animals and food crops, and may damage the natural or built environment. Some of the measures to curb air pollution include;

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Reduce carbon pollution from power plants. Electricity production at power plants is the single-largest domestic source of climate pollution. Carbon pollution standards for both new and existing power plants have been implemented.

Double renewable electricity on public lands, to provide enough electricity to power homes thus reducing use of fossil fuels.

Reduce the use of super pollutants both at home and abroad, including hydrofluorocarbons, or HFCs, soot, and methane. HFCs, used primarily in air-conditioning units, yield much more warming than an equivalent amount of carbon dioxide and are the fastest-growing type of greenhouse gas.

Make the United States run on less energy. Modernization of fuel-economy standards for heavy-duty vehicles which cuts carbon pollution.

The federal government consumes 20 percent of its electricity from renewable sources. This puts the purchasing power of the federal government the largest energy user in the country behind the transition to a cleaner future.

Help communities become more resilient to extreme weather via research and technical assistance, and assist the communities most vulnerable to drought, wildfires, and floods with technical assistance to better prepare for these events.

Use of Solar Energy: using solar power instead of regular power. Solar power is clean a clean source of power.

Educate its citizens. Letting the people know about how they can contribute to clean air initiatives and educate them about all of the different ways that they can take care of the environment themselves.

they created environmental organization responsible for checking the cleanliness of the environment. they monitor activities that the citizen carry out in disposal of used items. they also form laws that govern how industries especially manufacturing industries conduct their operation to ensure a clean environment.

introduction of electrical vehicles to reduce the dependency on petroleum products.

The government also provide financing for innovative low-carbon technologies at home and abroad and use public resources to ramp-up private investment in both global mitigation and adaptation efforts.

They also encourage the use of public transportation. The use your vehicle a lot less often help reduce the emission of carbon to the atmosphere. less vehicles will available for use in the roads.

encouraged the planting of trees and vegetation which help absorb the carbon being emitted to the atmosphere thus purifying the atmosphere.

the industries and vehicles are installed with special control devices such as catalytic converters and electrostatic precipitators which reduces the amount of pollutants being given off to the atmosphere by converting the products into less harmful substances.

in addition they have set aside specific places for smoking cigarettes. the reduces the pollution of air by cigarettes smoke which has affects the public -passive smokers.\nindustrial areas are located at a safe distance from the residential areas.

Control of air pollution

Air pollution is one of the major causes of health-related complication, not only in the United States but all around the world. There are various measures that the United States can take that would work towards significantly controlling air pollution and bring it down to manageable levels.

Vehicles are among the top contributors to air pollution as they release gases into the atmosphere as they burn fuel. Reducing the number of vehicles on the roads is a step in the right direction in controlling air pollution. Increased use of public bus transport and reducing the use of personal vehicles would be a good way to reduce the number of vehicles on the road. This has been hailed as one of the strategies that would yield the most positive results owing to its practicality and impact that it would have. The number of vehicles on the roads have been singled out as a menace and reducing their numbers would see a drastic improvement in the quality of air.

The use of clean energy would also be extremely helpful in controlling air pollution. Factories that use coal, diesel and other fossil fuels emit a lot of harmful gases into the environment, contributing to its pollution. Using clean energy such as solar, cuts back on these harmful emissions and in the process helps in controlling air pollution. Electric cars do not release any harmful gas into the atmosphere as diesel or petrol engine cars. Adopting and encouraging their use in the United States would go a long way in controlling the emissions that contribute to air pollution.

Increasing the use of renewable sources of energy across the United States would be essential in controlling air pollution. This is because renewable sources of energy such as a wind, do not need fossil fuels which emit harmful gases when they combust to produce energy.

Planting more trees would also help in controlling air pollution. This is because plants act as natural air cleaners, taking in the carbon IV oxide and releasing oxygen into the atmosphere. The United States can make more investments towards the establishment of more green areas such as forests that would help in purifying the air. In addition, having trees and grass covering the ground helps in holding the soil together hence reduce incidents soil being blown up into the air as dust which contributes to air pollution. Dust can lead to breathing problems which can result in conditions such as asthma and other complications.

Efforts to control air pollution should also be made at home where there are numerous causes of air pollution. For instance, getting rid of pollutants such as hydrofluorocarbons would be meaningful in efforts towards controlling air pollution.

Instituting more laws that would take corporations in America that release untreated emissions into the atmosphere. New laws should complement the already existing laws and make it more costly for corporations that pollute the environment by releasing untreated emissions. These corporations should also be encouraged to seek out and invest in alternative renewable green energy sources to cut back on their use of fossil fuels. All these strategies combined would see eventual control of air pollution in the United States.

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