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My failure

In my entire life, all I have ever wanted or dreamt to is to be a doctor. I always did anything that was related to being a doctor. It reached a time when I had to face the reality to secure my chance of fulfilling my dream. I was lucky to be among the students joining one of the known universities in the region for its competency in offering medical and nursing studies. The general requirement needed before being admitted is set to mean, I was above the selected pass mark. What I didn’t know is that there were other requirements required by the department in addition to the qualification scores attained earlier. With a bunch of students, we sat down to begin the test from the department. After finishing the test, we were notified that no one had qualified to be considered in the taking of the course. To my life, it sounded like a blow on my head because that was the biggest failure I have ever encountered in my life.

I'm a failure

As an individual, I do not often find myself in situations that I feel disappointed. Having completed my high school education, i always thought that i would pursue a career in football. while in school, I had always participated in various sports such as basketball, rugby and hockey. However, it was football that I had always loved. I thought that football was just more than a game. I felt that it represented something else. From the moment that my head was big enough to wear an helmet, i had pressurized my parents to buy me one. My mother had always warned me about the dangers that were associated with football but i had just ignored her. I felt that the feeling of having control over other people especially when you hit them would be satisfying apart from the adrenaline rush that comes with playing the game. Since my high school days, I had always played with passion and i would not allow any team to defeat my team. The day that i was supposed to have my trials in the nearby community team, i was anxious about how i would be perceived by the local coach. to my surprise, the trials were good in terms of my game play. It was only after the medical examination results came out that I almost fainted. To my surprise, the numerous number of games that i had played passionately had some negative impacts on my body. A physiotherapist informed me that i could not continue playing football as I had suffered a mild concussion. In the event that I would continue playing, the chances of me worsening the already bad concision to my head would be immense and i may even get paralyzed. My world began to tremble as i had no idea of what to do with my life. It was the strong family relations that enabled me to view life from a different perspective and comprehend that life was not only about football. I am however, grateful that the problem was identified early since the repercussions would have been devastating.

Failure in life

In life, one has to go through lots of challenges and disappointments. I remember the day when I attented an interview for a very serious job. I had been jobless for several years, and this was the greatest opportunity for me to prove that I was the right person for the job. The interview was at 8:00 am morning. Therefore, I had to wake up by 6:00 am to prepare for the interview. By 7:00 am, I was on the way, unfortunately, the vehicle broke down, it took us 30 minutes to repair it. We had to speed off so that we can be able to reach the venue of the interview on time only to be arrested by the traffic police for overspeeding. and that how i failed.

Making the wrong decision

While growing up, I failed to understand why people ended up complaining about being disappointed in their lives. What I never knew is the fact that once in a while, those close to you will always come back to disappoint you. My case is neither an exception. I remember it was on a Sunday when one of my friends called me requesting for my assistance to drop them somewhere. Knowing that he did not have enough time given the fact that he was reading for his final examinations, I saw it as a good deed to offer the assistance. Before commencing the journey, we had to conduct the engine service to the vehicle we were using that being a change of oil. Once that was completed, we decided to commence on the journey not knowing that we did not follow instructions as given by the owner of the car. Later that evening on coming to explain the entire service proves to the owner of the car who happens to be my friend, and he started arguing stating that we should have called fast before doing the practice. To my surprise, I never understood with the fact that what we had done was favoring him. I ended up feeling disappointed in the manner in which my close friend took the situation. Ever since that day, I have lived regretting ever accepting to offer my help.


Worst day ever

Life had been tough for me when I was only sixteen and it felt like a thousand years. This was the time that I felt like I had a disappointment which would linger in my mind for two lifetimes. I was still young and I had an ocean of problems it felt like I was between the devil and the deep sea. At this time of my life a relative took me from school and took me home, and I found my mother's corpse lying on the sofa after she succumbed to food poisoning. Her death was suspicious because for a long time her in-laws were fighting over property which my father left behind for us. I had taken care of her two weeks before that fateful day when I was taken impromptu from school to see my mother. I felt so much disappointed because she was my only remaining parent and I had spend a lot of my holiday time taking care of her. I was certain she would be well. I banked my emotions and my hopes that she would be well. On this fateful I felt also disappointed in God. I did not know who to blame; whether the devil who took my mother, God for not taking care of her or me for going to school. When I saw her tears welled in my eyes and I begun to shiver. I started to shake her hoping that 'they'' were all wrong about her death. Reality eventually hit me so had, and as a child I had to learn to be strong and accept my sad reality. With time I have been able to feel better but my mother's sweet memories continue to linger in my mind. The only thing that gives me peace is that she is in a better place. That was my greatest disappointment and it feels like yesterday every other day.

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