Cause of The Civil War Essay Sample

Published: 2018-02-22
Cause of The Civil War Essay Sample
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Causes leading up to the civil war

Since the ancient times, the world has been experiencing civil revolts and wars that claim several lives of people from the involved parties. However, the incidences involving the civil wars are tremendously increased, and as they increase, the devastating impacts are evident from the social economic and political background. Also, civil wars are meant to bring change in a nation or society; they are being orchestrated by some individuals for their gains. Scholars have directed their interest to the issues and discussed the possible issues that might bring civil wars. The following essay will focus on the social causes of the civil war.

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Firstly, favoritism, it is perceived that the communities that experience some sorts of flavors such as nepotism, tribalism, and ethnicity tend to lock horns. Such negative vices make some people feel inferior to they desire, and yet other become more superior and powerful, in such a case, people from the oppressed community will tend to resist such evil and try to fight the other regardless of the fact that they are in the same country or community. As the community that feels oppressed try to fight the other, their will some retaliations that will lead to civil wars that would require mediators who will settle them.

Secondly, land grabbing. Almost everyone in the current society wishes to own more than enough wealth without considering the fate of others in life. Some have extended their greed and opted to take the lands that do not belong to them leaving others with small or nothing to share. |Such kind of behavior can either be done by an individual or a certain community as a whole, in that case, the other community whose land has been grabbed, will feel offended and try to defend their land from being grabbed. Such defensive action will possibly lead to confrontation, and both communities will lock horns and begin to fight for what they believe is theirs, eventually leading to civil war.

Thirdly, natural resources and minerals: Some parts of the earth are endowed with precious and expensive natural resources; most of us desire to own them although circumstances cannot allow us. Some people use force to take what they believe is theirs, and they have sworn to use any means to ensure that they own either part or whole resources. Obviously, this will not come without some of the resistance to the ones who had already owned it, ultimately leading to civil war.

To sum up, the discussion has provided credible and comprehensive evidence that shows how social factors could lead to civil wars. Issues such as land favors in the community as well as natural resources have become things that define peace and war in most of the countries. People become furious and aggressive when they feel offended through violation of those factors. However, in every civil war, they are leaders who incite their people so that they could engage in war with the others; no one wants to be defeated they better feel that they keep on fighting until the end.

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