Free Essay with Wellness Reflection

Published: 2022-04-28
Free Essay with Wellness Reflection
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Sometimes maintaining personal life in the community can get pretty hectic. Mindfulness can be defined as the ability to detect where a person is and what is doing and not be overwhelmed by the environment. This process is natural but it is exhibited in our lives when we are practicing our daily chaos. Being mindful is the process of bringing the awareness to the direct experiences in your state through thoughts and emotions. Mindfulness is a valuable quality that human beings have but have not been educated about the same. This is an awareness of thinking but not is the awareness that is not thinking. This quality tends not to judge and is friendly to humans.

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Daily chaos and practices prompt us to develop inner stability and calmness that enable us to be persistence and tolerance to an unpleasant condition in our surrounding. It is a natural occurrence to the minds of human to be frequently wandered. This often through us into daydreaming of what has happened in the past or focus on the future some time s we can even think about our present moments (Bisong Guo). Most of this mind uncertainty are of no benefits to us and are the primary source of anxiety, stress, and fear and even to a large extent of causing depression. The ability to give attention to our neighboring experience is as a result of regularly daily mindfulness practices. This helps us to find a clear way out of this dilemma and instead of seeing ourselves as the mercy of worry or fear we can choose a good action to perform in these situations.

Mindfulness is an exercise that is full of attention to what is happening to our immediate environments. Their good practices should be employed when practicing mindfulness meditation. While practicing the mindful meditation, it is good to follow the physical sensation of the breath. We simply allow the breath to take its course naturally. It is a good practice to come back to breathe awareness with kindness and gentleness when we realize any distraction. Finally, the mindful meditation is merely relaxing and coming back to the awareness of any changes in the environment.

Research has shown that mindfulness meditation is a clinically effective tool to deal with stress, anxiety, panic, depression or any state of abnormality in our mind (Weiner). Therefore, this practice is being practiced in many of the hospital's school and all social amenities to help the victims of emotional depression and anxiety. Mindfulness meditation is of greater importance since it evaluates the body immune system, helps to improve how to manage pains and improves sleeping and digestion.

There is a big connection between our body's and the mind, in that the physical health of our body is greatly determined the mental status and emotional disposition. According to health statistics, stress-related sickness is one of the major death because not only I use but also worldwide (Velmans). Therefore, the correct measure needs to be addressed to at least calm this major cause of death.

Finally, anyone who mediates is always happy, healthy and more productive as compared to those who do not meditate. Mediation is proven to be a cognitive behavioral therapy which when practice give peace of mind and releases stresses. Mindfully mediation can be conducted through many ways, for example, while mediating it is good to focus on one thing at a time this helps you be aware of the body status. Mindfulness exercise is used in the therapies of major disease like diabetes and stress.

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