Compare and Contrast Essay on Job Announcements for a Financial Manager Position

Published: 2024-01-15
Compare and Contrast Essay on Job Announcements for a Financial Manager Position
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Job announcements are always important when looking for suitable candidates to fill in a vacant position. The job description is the most important aspect of the announcement. It includes job requirements such as qualifications, skills, and responsibilities of the position announced. In this essay, I will compare the job announcement I obtained from with the one I created, explain the recruitment strategies I would employ to find candidates suitable for the job opening, and describe the selection process I will use to choose the best person for the job.

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Comparing Job Announcements

The job announcement I created is more of the same as the one I found on because both announcements have the same structure. They have a summary of the job descriptions, responsibilities of the position announced, and the key qualifications needed in that position. However, some elements in the two announcements are different. For instance, included the job titles of financial manager position. These titles include Finance Manager, Senior Finance Manager, Corporate Finance Manager, and Manager of Finance. However, the announcement I created did not break down the job titles of the Finance Manager position. In the qualifications and skills section, included that the candidate must be able to work on multiple projects simultaneously. This skill lacked in the job announcement I created. Additionally, mentioned that a strategic management planning experience is needed to qualify for a finance manager position. My job description does not require this specification.

On the contrary, certain qualifications are in my announcement, but lack in the announcement I found. Firstly, my announcement requires knowledge of financial reporting and data mining tools like SQL, Access to qualify for the position. This is not present in the announcement I found. Secondly, my announcement stated that the candidate must be excellent business judgment, analytical, and decision-making skills. This is not indicated in Thirdly, my announcement requires a person with a solid understanding of financial statistics and accounting principles. This specification is not present in the announcement I found on

Despite these differences, I would change my announcement to incorporate any of the differences I noted on one announcement but not on the other to diversify my job description and attract many people with different talents. For instance, my announcement left out the ability to work on multiple projects simultaneously. It also failed to incorporate strategic management planning experience. I would include these skills to ensure that I attract people who can work under pressure and plan strategically. These two skills can help the employees improve the overall performance of the organization.

Diversity and inclusion are addressed in my announcement in that the job requirements attract everyone with the experience and qualifications needed for the job position. The responsibilities and skills favor anyone who thinks they fit for a financial manager position. Although the announcement in also demonstrates diversity and inclusion, it narrows down to Finance Manager, Senior Finance Manager, Corporate Finance Manager, and Manager of Finance.

Recruiting Strategies

One of the recruitment strategies I would employ to find candidates qualified for this opening is social media. Being active on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter enables me to meet potential candidates through shared connections and discussion topics. These platforms allow suitable candidates to contact easily if they are confident the job requirements suit them. Social media activity also expands the employer brand by showing candidates the organization's culture (Noe et al., 2017). This helps in attracting top talent if the organizational culture is excellent. Social media can also be used to screen candidates and evaluate their stability according to the content of their online posts.

Another strategy is the interviews. This strategy attracts serious and top talent candidates who are sure they are qualified for the job. Whether meeting remotely or in person, interviews can help determine the confidence and ability of the candidate based on the way they answer the questions (Abbasi et al., 2020). This helps hire employees who can become assets to the company as it separates serious job seekers from jokers.

Selection Process

I would use interviews to choose the best person for the job. The interview examines the applicants to determine whether they are fit for the position announced based on their abilities and job requirements. This process allows the recruiter to assess the subjective aspects of the candidate, know about the intelligence and enthusiasm of the candidate, ask the candidate questions that are not part of their application, and obtain sufficient information from the applicant's social, economic, and cultural background (Mahek, 2020). This selection process helps determine the best person for the job because it attracts only serious, experienced, and highly qualified candidates willing to demonstrate their expertise to the recruitment team.


The job announcement is always the first step used by human resource managers to select employees suitable for the job position. It is often accompanied by job requirements and qualifications to attract employees interested in and qualified for the position. With job announcements, the human resource department can receive numerous applications and vet the candidates to find suitable employees to do the job. Social media and interviews are among the best recruitment strategies a human resource manager can employ to find candidates qualified for the opening. Interviews are also one of the best selection processes to use. They allow the recruiter to find the best candidates by assessing their confidence, seriousness, intelligence, and enthusiasm based on their job requirements.


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