Free Essay on Short-term and Long-term Professional Goals

Published: 2019-09-27
Free Essay on Short-term and Long-term Professional Goals
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Joining a course in psychology gave me the satisfaction that I have always yearned for. It opened another opportunity for me to take my professional goals to the next level as a psychologist. My passion for criminal psychology became real and stronger as I embarked on the coursework in my freshman year. I feel privileged to specialize in this field in future due to my strong interests in fieldwork and research as a criminal psychologist requires strong research and fieldwork skills. My short-term goal is to work hard on my undergraduate course and to attain the best grades that can allow me to advance my psychology career to masters degree and doctorate. My long-term goal is to help as many people as possible, especially those who have psychological problems that lead them into committing crimes.

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My long-term goal solely relies on my short term-goal. To accomplish my long-term goal, I have to accomplish my short-term goal. Since my final aim is to become a competent criminal psychologist, I am working to improve my research skills as well as the fieldwork skills. I enjoy reading current journals on issues revolving around criminal and criminal justice systems so that I can identify with the present matters revolving around criminal psychology. I also research online about profiles of criminals who had psychological problems that led them into crimes because I feel that such people need special kind of assistance from a professional. My research has helped me to appreciate the efforts that have been made by criminal psychologists such as criminal profiling and offender profiling. It has also rejuvenated my passion for psychology and my ambition to become a criminal psychologist so that I can help more people in the society.

The other aspect of my short-term goal that I am working on and which will act as my stepping stone to my long-term goal is the improvement of my fieldwork skills. I have not started it, but I am hoping to start conducting field research from the next summer holiday. I will make it my habit to conduct field research every summer holiday until I am through with my undergraduate curriculum. I will start by visiting criminal psychologists in the town, and move on to visiting the offenders in their prisons. I will also visit the families of the offenders to share the feelings that they have towards their relatives. These experiences will not only expose me to the real world experiences, but also they will prepare me for my lifetime careers and equip me with the first hand information. I believe such fieldwork experience will motivate me to work harder to reach my long-term goal of helping people with psychological problems.

To fully accomplish my long-term goal, I am hoping to establish my psychology firm that will specialize in helping people with psychological problems and which affect their behaviors leading to criminal activities. I am hoping to help the families and friends of such victims by guiding them on the appropriate ways of living and dealing with them in the society. My expectation is that, by helping the victims and their relatives, I will save the lives of many people who end up wasting their lives in prisons due to recurrent committing of crimes. I am hoping that I will help such people to learn how to live productively regardless of their mental conditions.

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