Free Paper Sample on Effectiveness of Change

Published: 2023-11-25
Free Paper Sample on Effectiveness of Change
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The implementation of evidence-based practice (EBP) is essential because it improves healthcare outcomes. My change proposal involves the prevention and control of ventilator-associated pneumonia (VAP) through oral chlorhexidine. At the end of the project, I will need to identify whether the change took place in my practice. The paper discusses the way I will determine the effectiveness of the change.

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Impact Evaluation

I will evaluate the effectiveness of change through impact evaluation. Giomuso et al. (2016) stated that EBP impacts the patient environment regarding quality care provision. Since the facility does not incorporate chlorhexidine antiseptic intervention to reduce VAP, I will conduct an assessment that determines whether the intervention has reduced VAP statistics in mechanically ventilated patients. Chlorhexidine is an evidence-based solution that has proven to reduce VAP rates. Implementing EBP in practice will produce value-driven care (Spruce, 2015; Melnyk et al., 2014). I will perform a comparison of before and after the intervention to see whether the change has made a positive impact on patients’ and nurses’ lives.

My change project of prevention and control of VAP has three outcomes. They include improving the quality of care, increase awareness of the evidence-based practice, and reduce VAP infection rates. Also, Makaroff et al. (2014) asserted that ethical nursing leadership requires support to increase practice capacity. Also, Stetler et al. (2014) indicated that leaders need to support EBP to improve clinical outcomes. An examination of my project outcomes has helped me pick impact evaluation to determine the effectiveness of change.


Overall, determining whether a change has been effective is critical to examine whether the project is a success. It is believable that the project will meet its anticipated outcomes. In the end, impact evaluation will help me to measure and determine the success of the project.


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