Reflection on the Coronavirus - Free Paper Sample

Published: 2023-12-11
Reflection on the Coronavirus - Free Paper Sample
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Concerning cultural socialization, my parents communicate the values of the culture regarding familialism by advocating for everyone in our home to be responsible concerning caring for each other, helping to deal with the anxiety that exists, which is overwhelming and creates strong emotions between us. The frightening period with almost everywhere at least shut down was difficult for my younger siblings to cope with. Also, the cultural teaching about optimism helped in dealing quickly with the effect of the coronavirus. The cultural values also addressed the approach-avoidance strategy to learn how to handle the positive and negative aspects of the epidemic. It helped in buffering from some of the adverse effects of the coronavirus.

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Social capital from the intangible and tangible resources of our family helped in agreement and shared interest concerning all family members inducing collective action. Collective action in our family addressed the systematic modification due to the steady crawl from the crisis. With the abrupt occurrence of the coronavirus, our family did not have the financial needs to satisfy the family because of our middle socioeconomic status. Hence, opportunities were scarce, leading to oppression during the first period of the coronavirus since access to healthcare and food was impossible. With difficulty in generating wealth during these challenging times, it resulted in a scarcity of interests and misunderstanding from unexpected and new habits. As a result, there were various arguments and complaints from my parents about the behaviors of my younger siblings.

My perceptions were based on unrealistic optimism regarding the culmination of the coronavirus, which I associated with familiar risks of the previous epidemic, which I perceived to be under volitional regulation. This kind of optimism results in a false feeling of security and minimal precautions. More so, the management of the coronavirus in other regions reinforced my optimistic perceptions. However, as the epidemic persisted, I developed pessimism from new, unfamiliar risks posed by the coronavirus, which were still uncontrollable.

They aggravated the anxiety and stress as a result of being kept in the house day and night. From a personal viewpoint, the coronavirus requires adapting to altering circumstances, and behavioral changes include fear-induced aversion to the epidemic. However, family togetherness, encouragement, and support developed self-efficacy, creating confidence with the capability of being involved in protective practices to prevent any further continuation of the coronavirus. The government guidelines and new developments on the epidemic predicted defensive behavior with efficient protective actions available, improving our response efficacy.

Focusing on the family resources that help in alleviating the impact of the coronavirus, individual-level psychological resources proved essential. They entailed self-esteem, mutual adaptability to the changing circumstances, and family integration that developed togetherness, evading stress and anxiety created by lockdown due to the coronavirus. The material resources in the form of savings, income, accessibility to medical facilities, wealth, and assets helped to cope and adjust to the new guidelines by purchasing enough supplies for the family. Religious resources in support services, practices, and spiritual beliefs helped our family to work as a unit in resolve, affection, growth, and partnership. Social resources from the community derived from a robust social support network between neighbors helped in dealing with financial and emotional stress promoting solidarity and support between each other.

On a family level, we have been able to demonstrate top-notch resilience despite the coronavirus. Our parents have ensured we have maintained our mental health through family physical routines in terms of exercise, sleep, nutrition, screen time, and family connection. Regarding exercises, the whole family exercised together in several minutes workout which boosted energy level and mood. Also, they ensured a consistent routine concerning sleep to encourage better sleep. Nutrition is one of the critical issues my mother focuses on but she ensured we stayed in a balanced diet, and most of us helped in the cooking, which has turned into my new hobby. Screen time has been limited for reasons to avoid getting wound up, edgy, and agitated hence taking breaks from new, which helped in singing time on-screen concisely and wisely. Family connection and building a stronger relationship have been significant in helping the whole family relax as we engaged in fun activities such as board games and other games played in the house.

Furthermore, my parents have been realistic with us about coronavirus but also reassured us. They encouraged questions and discussions between them and us. However, they avoided flooding and oversharing the facts answering the questions of my younger siblings straightforward, reassuring, honest, to the point, and brief.

Accordingly, the coronavirus has been used as a teachable moment. The current situation was used to teach the need for the community to be together and protect the individuals who are a risk. More so, my father taught us about preparedness and the activities we can do differently, preventing any future occurrence of the same predicaments that have befallen the entire world. Additionally, our family employed mindfulness practice through developing skills that enabled all of us to work on staying on point and often settled which helped in dealing with anxiety, especially with the requirement of staying indoors for a substantial amount of time.

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