Employee Privacy Rights and Packet Sniffers. Free Essay Sample.

Published: 2018-02-02
Employee Privacy Rights and Packet Sniffers. Free Essay Sample.
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Question A

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Individual privacy rights are outlined in the constitution and ensure equal protection of privacy irrespective of the person's position or background. However, privacy rights are being violated in the current times primarily in the workplace through the use of different technologies such as packet sniffers. The majority of the companies using the packet sniffers to watch their employee's computer activities cite their rights in ensuring the employees are committed to their roles and reduce the misuse of resources. In the case of Triton Corporation IT section use of the packet sniffers, I believe the organizational workers are entitled to privacy rights and the corporate network administrator's use of packet sniffers serves as a violation of the rights.

The monitoring of the employee's activities is also termed as a violation of their rights since the employees are unaware of the packet sniffers. As much as employee monitoring is critical for the organizations and the employees, it raises questions of ethics and abuse of individual rights to privacy. Rather the team should focus on establishing an environment of accountability and transparency to promote the chances of achieving its objectives without intruding into the individual privacy (Yerby, 2013). As such I would charge the company for violating the individual rights to privacy since it's not right to use packet sniffers without the employee's knowledge.

Question B

Sheldonm's (2016) article "digital forensics leads the fight against cyber-crime," is an article based on the rise of cyber-crime and the need to use digital forensics in addressing the growing problem. The report provides statistics on cyber-crime to demonstrate the soaring rates at 11.6 million cases with online fraud incidents being both online fraud and cybercrime offenses. The report further cites another kind of scam which is barely known such as dating fraud which has increased by 10 percent from 2014 to 2015. According to the section, 90 percent of dating sites members are scammed with several people taking their lives.

The article has significant implications to the field of computer forensics since it presents the need for digital forensic in addressing the rising cases of cyber-crime. It also offers the view that organizations or governments should invest more on digital forensics to reduce the soaring cyber crime rate.


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Yerby, J. (2013). Legal and ethical issues of employee monitoring. Online Journal of Applied Knowledge Management, 1(2), 44-55.

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