Essay Sample Dedicated to Social Workers in School Settings

Published: 2022-08-19
Essay Sample Dedicated to Social Workers in School Settings
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At Lake City High one of the policies implemented is the Supporting Good Behaviour Programme (SGBP). Other policies in the school included Educable Mentally Disabled (EMD), Educable Mentally Handicapped (EMH), Behaviourally Mentally Disabled (BMD) and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). The Supporting Good Behaviour Programme can be modified with the help of the social worker to include the whole teaching staff and the principal who should be actively involved in the program. From the research, Kiona discusses with the supervisor the minimal or no support she receives from the rest of the school to the extent that the other teaching staffs think that she is lazy. The policy should be broadened to include other teachers so that they can help and also appreciate the difficulty of dealing with these students (In Wolfer & in Brandsen, 2015).

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The principal of the school should be fully engaged in the program. First, the principal should provide the student and the social worker with adequate resources to use. The computer with the educational software, NovaNet, should have been provided without delay. Also, the screening on the student should have been done on time to identify the student that needed help early rather than what the principal did by unilaterally assigning the students. The principal should have provided the teaching material and the guide to the new curriculum to Kiona on time before the term had begun to help her prepare in advance. Lastly, the principal should have provided the appropriate materials as most of the students could not read or write. Most of the student had shallow IQ levels such that they could not read on their own or comprehend anything they read (In Wolfer & In Brandsen, 2015).

By using the see, judge, act model, the situation can be analysed as follows. The students in SGBP need help, but it is very had to give them support with the current setting. The students, staffs, and principals are not collaborating with the program. Also, the parents are not fully participating in helping their children. This has gone to the extent that there are fights among the students and no one gains out of this situation. The Catholic teaching tells us that justice is not ben done to the students that are in need of help (In Wolfer & In Brandsen, 2015). The best approach to this matter is for Kiona to have a meeting with all stakeholders that include the teachers, principals, parents, government officials and the students in the program and try to create a harmonious understanding as to the need of this program and the benefit it has to all involved. Kiona also needs to bring them to a mutual understanding that they all need to work together to help the students and in the process, they will be doing justice.


In Wolfer, T. A., & In Brandsen, C. (2015). Virtues and character in social work practice.

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