Free Essay Example: Cloud Computing

Published: 2018-02-02
Free Essay Example: Cloud Computing
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Question A:

Essentially, cloud computing technology have enabled consumers, IT decision makers, digital, experts around the globe can now manage, access and store large quantity of data in easier and efficient manner that is also less costly. Basically, cloud computing has really affected the way we use the internet in a great level. It has really changed individual’s behavior on the net, particularly the speed at which people work in real time. Consequently, the information overload which is on the internet has been severely altered in an efficient manner. Individuals and companies are now finding it easier and cost effective and more efficient in storage, and transmission of data and information from one place to another. In regard to digital forensics, cloud computing will enable a safe storage of digital evidence with fear of data loss. However, despite the enormous benefits generated by this technology, there is also a possibility of criminals exploiting the loopholes that could exist in this model in stealing or manipulating the forensic data.

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Question B:

Alloca, S. (2016). Online Prostitution Thriving Via Social Media. Available from

The article by Alloca discusses how the thriving of social media platforms has triggered the proliferation of certain criminal activities including prostitution. The author continues to post that the sex trade has explored and continues to explore the novel digital ways of attracting clients. Accordingly, this makes this behavior and other online criminal acts hard to regulate. In short, the proliferation of technology has subsequently facilitated cybercrime. Correspondingly, computer forensic experts, investigators, judges, prosecutors and jurors need to expand their capacity, skills and knowledge in illegal utilization of technology so as to apprehend culprits and deal with such criminal acts.


Alloca, S. (2016). Online Prostitution Thriving Via Social Media. Available from

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