Free Essay Describing the Factors to Consider While Choosing a Career

Published: 2022-09-30
Free Essay Describing the Factors to Consider While Choosing a Career
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When confronted with a decision of choosing a well-paying job that I hate of $75, 000 and a low-paying job that I love of $ 40, 000 a year, I would choose the low paying job I love of $ 40,000. After attending numerous job interviews both in his field of specialization and out of his areas of specialization, my father finally got a low paying job that he loved. He eventually became an accountant; similarly, He received an appointment to work as a site supervisor with a construction company, which was a well-paying job and which he had to turn down. Choosing the right career will lead to high-quality output and increase job satisfaction besides creating a good sense of job security despite the low payment the job might be associated with.

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The low paying job that my father choose has been able to acquit him with additional experience and creativity. In accepting the accountant job, he was able to put into practice the theoretical and practical knowledge he learned in college into practice. In turn, this built his creativity and experience in these fields as he could now carry out his work with minimal supervision from his bosses. Besides he was able to develop additional skills and knowledge in his area of specialization hence making him give high-quality output to the organization and as well making him have adequate job satisfaction. Moreover, he was comfortable with all aspects of the accounting job since it was all he has been studying as compared to the site supervisor work that he was offered. He would have struggled and delivered low-quality output In case he would have chosen the site supervisor job.

Secondly, my father was certain that he would keep his accounting job for a long period as compared to the site supervision, he felt secure. This was a critical factor that he had to consider. This is because; job security helped him achieve his desire for long-term career objectives by gaining marketable skills which would appeal to his future employers. Moreover, he was certain, that, the low paying job would create for him financial and career stability over a long period since he was certain of the expected salary and budget as appropriate. This helped him avoid such stress as finding new careers and worries over paying his bills and debts. In the long run, the job helped him plan for our family future carefully. In the long run, he was able to deliver high-quality output and had a great sense of job security.

Lastly, choosing the job, he loved enabled my father to have improved motivation and betterment on his resume. This job helped him perform and deliver high-quality output to the organization besides having a greater commitment to his employers. Choosing the accountancy job though less payment motivated him since it had a positive impact on his job retention and performance, and eventually led to his promotion to a higher level. Moreover, choosing a job that he performed well and loved built his resume since he was able to stay in the organization for so long hence evidence that he was a reliable employee.

In conclusion, the remuneration attached to a specific job should not act as a motivating factor for choosing the career. Choosing a job that one does not love because of money can be shortcoming since one's position can be threatened due to a lack of competence. Hence individuals should choose the job they love to give the best output results and also have a sense of good job security besides gaining additional skills and motivation.

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