Free Essay with The Song of Roland Research

Published: 2018-08-14
Free Essay with The Song of Roland Research
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Charlemagne as a good leader

Historically, Charlemagne from the world of history was French king who ruled much of Western Europe from 768 to 814 and had mixed character traits. (Holt p. 289) Something that makes Charlemagne a good leader is that he is someone who is very cautious and do not rush into conclusions unless he involves his peers. When Charles received the gifts and hostages from Marsile who is the leader of Saragosa and a Muslim, he did not rush into conclusion that it was a good deal. He looked at this plan carefully, and the next morning, Charlemagne held a meeting with his Twelve Peers to help him making a decision on the issue (Stanza 11).

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Secondly, Charlemagne is an organized leader who has led his army to numerous victories and has expanded his territories. Being involved in the war for seven years and conquered many places is a sign of real leadership. From the song, the only land that remained outside his control Saragosa and he was planning to attack it and get full control of it (Stanza 1). As such Marsile is worried about the situation and calls out his council saying Charles is a powerful individual with a powerful army and they cannot afford to go to war with them (Stanza 2). On the mountain slopes, Roland had very fewer soldiers as compared to the pagans, but he held them for long (Stanza 105). Notably, when the pagans realized that Charles was on his way to save Roland, they ran away knowing that Charles was coming with his army to finish them (Stanza 142). The history book reveals that Charles was someone who liked war and spent much of his time at war to accomplish his goals. In Italy, he defeated Lombards, while in Germany He led his army and defeated Saxons and Avars in Central Europe. He also managed to drive the Moors back across the Pyrenees (Holt p. 289)

Importance of Charles in the history of Christianity

Some of the characters that made him be an evil leader are that Charlemagne was a dictator and not respectful to the people religions. In the song, Marsile send some gift to him since he did not want to be attacked by Charlemagne who had an attention of attacking him to take control of the Muslim-dominated region (Stanza 6). Marsile assures him that he was willing to lead his people to convert to Christianity meaning this was something that Charles was spreading (Stanza10). Marsile states that they had a feeling that something bad may happen if they do not convert to Christianity. Conquering and forcing people to convert to Christianity no matter the religion was his strategy. Focusing on the book, Charlemagne after inheriting the Frankish throne spread the same ideology as he helped to spread the teaching and Christianity beliefs(Holt p. 289).

Charlemagne is an important person in the history of France due to his leadership style and achievements. He was able to lead Frankish Empire with skills and as a warrior thus maintaining the stability of the emperor for many years. He founded the Holy Roman Empire and stirred European political and economic life. Charles also fostered the cultural revitalization which was referred to as Carolingian Renaissance.

Charles is very important in the history of Christianity due to his contribution during his leadership. From the book and the song, Charlemagne is admired for his devotion in Christianity as he ensured that the survival of Christianity in the West.T He was a great leader and military and used this talent in the service of the church, he took control of Western Europe and some parts of the East, he used his military force to force all the subjects to become Christians(Holt p. 290).

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