Comparison Essay Example: E-Books vs. Paper Books

Published: 2018-07-06
Comparison Essay Example: E-Books vs. Paper Books
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Advantage of e-readers and paper-books

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One advantage of e-readers that this article discusses is that they are more suitable for those with visual impairments than paper books. Individuals who have reading disorders such as dyslexia or poor eyesight find it easier to read e-books since they provide a range of options such as increasing the text size and also changing the spacing between words in a sentence. The text formatting ability in e-books enables people with dyslexia to read more comfortably.

One advantage of paper books discussed in the article is that reading on paper boosts retention. According to several small studies done on books and e-books, it has been discovered that reading on paper rather than on screen improves the chances of focus, and also retention of the content read. For example, according to a study conducted in Norway between a group of people who read a short story in e-book format and those who read in the paper, it was found out that those who read in paper remembered the order of events more accurately than their counterparts who read e-books.

3. One additional advantage for both an e-reader and paper book that the article does not discuss

One other advantage of e-readers is that they are more portable and convenient. E-readers take up very little space, unlike books which are a little bit cumbersome when carried around. E -readers are convenient in that it suits a variety of youthful readers who prefer their phones or tablets over books. On the other hand, one advantage of books is that they provide a more conducive environment to enjoy the joy of learning. Books don’t have pop up adds that diverts the attention of readers, unlike e-books. A reader is thus more likely to complete a 100-page book than to finish a similar e-book due to constant online interruptions.

4. Why the debate between e-readers and paper books is important.

The debate between e-readers and paper books is important because it helps give guidelines about the future of the reading culture. With the advent of e-books, there has been a wider option presented to readers who can easily choose to read anywhere anytime. The traditional books still play a very important role in the acquisition of knowledge. The debate, therefore, helps to highlight the importance of e-books and paper books and also their disadvantages.

5. A list of transitional words or phrases used in the article.

These include;

a.On the other hand

b.But otherwise

c.As well as

d.First and foremost

6. The writer's purpose for writing the article

The writer's purpose for writing the article is to show the advantages of e-books to paper books. The knowledge contained in the article helps readers to decide on when it is more convenient to use e-books and also when it is less convenient to read books. This will improve the reading habits of readers.

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