Nursing Essay Sample on Staffing

Published: 2018-10-17
Nursing Essay Sample on Staffing
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Effects of the model in the HR strategic plan for staffing

The organization for the delivery of care is guided by various issues, which include capacity for recruiting and retaining staffs, economic concerns, and also the leadership beliefs (Hughes, 2008). The interviews were conducted with the nursing director of the emergency trauma department and the director of the acute care unit. The session concerned the models for services delivery that were applied in their particular units. It was fascinating to realize that they both utilized the team-based models for delivering nursing care services.

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Team-based models used were not only effective strategy for delivering high-quality care but also a solution to the human resource staffing plans. The directors indicated that the nurses in their respective department shared their different skills, which reduced the levels of work burnout. A lot of work was easily accomplished through the teams which were critical to the human resource plans for staffing. Healthcare organizations operate in dynamic and unstable environments, and sharing of skills have been revealed by numerous studies to lead to significant achievements (Agnes 2010). The teamwork is also essential in reducing the number of errors and risks while handling the patients.

The barriers and challenges to efficiently staff the particular unit, department, or organization.

The obstacles and challenges may arise at various levels of the team-based model. For instance, it may be seen at the organizational, at individual, and team level. At the corporate level, the lack of recognition and appreciation of other healthcare professionals can be a barrier towards teamwork. All the legal matters which include the scope and the liabilities of a given profession, when not well defined can be a challenge in team building. It may lead to reluctance among nurses to cooperate as a team to avoid any litigation in the case of adverse occurrences. At the group level, the barrier for an effective teamwork is inadequate training on inter-professional collaboration. The challenge could be the ambiguity in the roles among the team leaders. At individual levels, the barrier could be the split loyalty between the team's mission and own profession. All a challenge could the insufficient trust in the collaborative process.

The human resource in the healthcare industry is integral in meeting the health needs of populations. For this reason, it is vital to set and meet various staffing goals, which can be achieved through evidence based plan. The plant could address the recruitment, professional practice, and retention of responsible human resource manager at departmental and unit levels, to provide the required leadership. A unit or department or the whole organization need to create both short and long-term recruitment plan. Clinical placement and mentorship programs are useful for attracting nurses to an organization, which can help in boosting the human resource staffing goals. Recruiting and retention of nursing staff has been linked to the delivery of quality care and control of human resource staffing issues. High turnover rates units, departments or organization, have been reported to high risk-adjusted mortality values. Rewards, recognition, and flexible working hours are some of the retention strategies that can be used in meeting the goals of human resource staffing (Baker, Day, & Salas, 2006). Professional practice involves interpersonal and intrapersonal factors that focus on diversified skills in the healthcare teams and a reliable working environment. Training different professionals on teamwork skills and policy development is vital in promoting professional practice.

Trauma and acute care department and unit respectively, are important sections in the healthcare facilities and requires collaboration from various providers to save a life. Evidence-based strategies such as recruitment, retention, and professional practice can be relied upon to solve the human resource staffing role.


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