Product Analysis Essay Sample: Toyota Land Cruiser

Published: 2022-03-29
Product Analysis Essay Sample: Toyota Land Cruiser
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Product introduction

The Toyota Car Company is one of the leading cars manufactures in the world, and due to dynamism, creativity, and innovation, the company has maintained a niche in the world market. The company has an array of products, but the Toyota land cruiser is one of the topnotch cars that the company ever produced. This car is one of its best, and its features are a wide range of excellent characteristics. I started using the product 10 years ago, and during my initial years, the services offered by the product was excellent. This included the performance and its durability on the road and off-road. I am a travel enthusiast and a speed junk, and if I must admit, these combinations were both available from the product. I used the product for three years and during this time, the service of the product and was desirable plus the support from the customer team of the company. During my fourth year of the product use, I started to feel the diminishing utility of the product through performance and from my own product assessment and expectations. During this time, I could not conveniently reach the customer team and launch any complaint about the malfunctions or get any help. This is the time the vehicle started to develop a series of mechanical issues that became chronic until I found it not useful anymore to a point I stopped using the product.

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Product global status

The Toyota Company is a global company, and all of its products are globally used and accepted. The Toyota land cruiser is definitely among the leading cars in the world, and its durability and performance make it a global brand. The company itself claims to sell this product to all parts of the world through its globally and strategically located sites or branches. Additionally, the car is developed to perform in all terrains and any adverse climatic conditions making it a globally structured and accepted vehicle.

Areas of deficiencies

During my last years of the product use, I come across various deficiencies of the product.

Among the deficiencies are, reduced performance of the engine whereby, the original power of the vehicle became a decreasing functionality.

The consumption of gas became high as the general performance of the vehicle reduced.

The customer care team started to withdraw their close services from me making it hard for me to access the after-sales services.

There was a time when the gearbox of the vehicle developed problems and replacing it became a major issue because I had to make an order and wait for more than three months for the importation of the same, hence cutting short my services for all that period.

Reduced speed due to all these malfunctions, being a speed maniac, I could not in any way and against all the odds operate a slow-moving vehicle against other emerging fast moving vehicles on the road.

Lastly, as my family expanded I needed more space to accommodate all members of my family and so I needed a bigger vehicle.

Source of deficiencies

The deficiencies mentioned earlier are undoubted as a result of a manufacturing problem. First, the reduced performance and speed of the vehicle within that short time was truly unpredictable and unexpected of such a big company and such a good vehicle. Another issue of the gearbox malfunction is one of the major issues that needed to be recalled back to the manufacturer for a serious review. The issue of the car space is also a manufacturer's default because a big company like Toyota with such a good vehicle could have made it more spacious to accommodate more people. The gas consumption issue is just lack of proper communication from the company on the vehicle features and its capabilities.

Complain to the product manager

There are various issues the product manager of the firm needs to know about the product. Firstly, the customer feedback channel has to be enhanced to enable customers to get back to the company easily and conveniently for any help. This has to be done by creating an after sale service desk, that is responsible for dealing with customer complaints in the entirety of their product use. Secondly, as the product manager, there is need to ensure the maximum performance and durability of the product in its lifespan as it is indicated in the product manual. In this case, there should be sincerity about the product features, lifespan and performance communicated to the client before purchase. Additionally, during the development of the product, some considerations opt to have been made such as family people and other needs that require a good space and in that case make a spacious vehicle to address those needs. As the product manager of a global company, you should look into the current world trends such as the economy and come up with a product that can conveniently withstand the harsh realities of the economic crises such as gas consumption. Lastly, the next time your company comes up with a new idea of production, make sure the parts of the product are available to the last client's convenience, that is, globally distributed.

Product alternative

After moving away from the first product, I found it necessary to look for another product that could meet my needs more conveniently. This made me shift to another company known as ford. This company offered better services especially with the help and care compared to the previous one. Additionally, the durability of their vehicle was guaranteed ad everything that was written in the manual turned to be real. I have used this company product for two years now, and the performance is stable as compared to the fort product. What is more appealing about the company is the fact that the parts are readily available as long as the client needs them, to add on that, the company sends its representative to every region to collect complaints from customers so as the company can solve them as soon as they emerge. What attracted me most to the company is the free services they offer regularly to their clients including engine examining and oil change. This company made me meet my initial needs with relatively low cost.

Product/service disappointment

I once bought a mobile communication gadget from a local retailer, and had very high expectations of it from the advertisements and marketing strategies that I had come across online. Firstly, I thought the gadget would serve me conveniently and long enough, secondly, I was expectant that it could meet my technological needs. Sadly, the product did not last a moment to serve me, and it turned out that the gadget was not the real thing as advertised regarding its features and durability. Because the product would not serve any of my needs, I decided to return it to the retailer and in return get another product that can serve me well.

Challenges like the product

The nature of the product should not be a challenge because a globally accepted product is deemed of good quality due to the economies of scale and its international recommendations and endorsements. However, there are cases of unique challenges that might arise from incompatibility to given areas, regions, climates, cultures and economies.

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