Student Athletes and Non-Student Athletes Essay Sample

Published: 2018-05-08
Student Athletes and Non-Student Athletes Essay Sample
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Athletes Essay Introduction

An athlete is a sportsperson proficient in sports and other physical exercises. In colleges, students have a choice whether to take part or not. There are associated advantages and disadvantages to taking part in sports and not being a part of the games which are held in colleges.

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Benefits and Disadvantages of Taking Part in Sport

The benefits associated with taking part in sports include improving the health of the student, development of life-skills, opportunities in career ad education in sports, learning to handle life failure as well as enhancing social life like making friends. The disadvantages of taking part in sports include less time for studying and recording of lower grades than students who rarely.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Not Taking Part in Sports

Benefits of not participating in athletics include having enough time to concentrate on studies which eventually results to success in college. The disadvantages of failure to take part in athletics to these students are that they miss a chance to make more friends and are not good in handling life failures like athlete students.

Comparing the Athlete and Non-Athlete Students

Athlete student have more advantages than non-athlete students in that the former have more advantages in life like advancing their careers in the athlete. Recording lower grades in class and having limited time for studies does not mean athlete students do not attain the standard performance entries in college. College sports bring psychological, physical, social and educational benefits to the participants.


Participating in athletics is essential or students in colleges and universities. The trick that the athletes should master is balancing academic works and field work. By doing balancing the two, the athletes will be able to advance in sports and perform well in academics. Sports are important and should thus be taken seriously by all students.

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