Free Essay about the Social Work Profession

Published: 2018-12-10
Free Essay about the Social Work Profession
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Why did Carol Williams choose the social work profession?

After graduating from high school, Carol worked as a treatment technician in a residential treatment facility. Her passion to listen to people’s problems while they are going through the storms of life is her major motivation. In her bachelor program, the professors who were licensed social workers shared their experiences which further encouraged Carol Williams’s fascination on the study to be a licensed social worker. The aim of a social worker is to improve the quality of life and provide social services and counseling to individuals, groups and the entire community. Social workers seek to restore the social functioning in the community and also promote positive changes. These core activities of a social worker are in line with the desires of Carol Williams which became key motivators in her pursuit to become a licensed social worker. Carol Williams is fascinated by her ability to help other people, and it is this reason that she is still doing social work at Cooper Commons Treatment Facility.

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Carol Williams is responsible for creating consumer’s Interpretative summary, Comprehensive assessment, assess clients’ histories, backgrounds, and situations to understand their needs, their strengths, and their weaknesses. Through these activities, Carol William can develop treatment plans and individual for patients with mental and substance use disorder.

Carol Williams also works under the executive team that establishes the organization budget, staff hiring, and termination of duty, staff performance evaluations and participate in conferences that discuss the future possibilities and approaches of improving social work.

Services provided and the target client group

Some consumers are mandated to come for treatment by the judicial system, self-referral, or even referrals from family members who have suffered before from mental illness and as well as drug addiction. Cooper Commons Treatment Facility has many different work backgrounds like Psychiatrist, Mental Health Rehabilitation Worker (MHRW), Social Workers, Risk Management and Peer Support Specialist. The facility provides clients with a variety of services such as psychiatry, individual counseling, community support, psychosocial rehabilitation, wellness groups, recreational groups and peer support.

Carol Williams is aware of the importance of balancing between family and work in order to lead a successful and quality life. Carol makes sure to take care of her family herself despite her busy work schedule by creating and organizing her time to factor for both the family and work. Carol Williams makes sure to get enough sleep, eat healthy food and drink plenty of water. She also does yoga in the morning, hiking and spends time with her family after work and most of the weekends. Carol Williams also likes to listen to music because of its relaxing and soothing abilities and Carol Williams uses breathing techniques to help reduce stress after a busy week doing social work and managing programs at the Cooper Commons Treatment Facility.

While growing up, Carol Williams was always fascinated with medical practice, and she wanted to become a physician. However, while growing up, her path chose another profession of social work. Carol Williams chose social work field because it was within her desires and goals to offer care to the community. Helping people is the sole reason that Carol Williams chose is to provide care and make a difference in individuals and the community in general. Given another chance to choose a career Carol Williams would choose her career in social work because social work gives Carol Williams with an opportunity to provide care to the community and individuals suffering from substance addiction and other social problems.

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