Group Bonding, Free Essay for Students

Published: 2022-07-19
Group Bonding, Free Essay for Students
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Over the years, I have been an active member of the tech hub group whose main idea was to discuss various issues that pertain to technology. Also, the group aimed at looking for any innovation or new trends in the field of technology and determine how they can be employed in our daily lives. This group consisted of my friends whom I attended campus with for four years. We pursued the same course which was Information Technology. As a result of our interest in the field of IT, we formed this group to ensure that we continued to identify new features in technology. The bond in this group has grown huge that we could meet daily for a cup of coffee and discuss various issues that pertain to technology. In those days that we could not meet, we would ensure that we communicated with one another over the phone to understand how everyone is progressing. This group has been in existence for about two years. The key to this existence is constant communication which brings every member of the group together. The other reason that has kept the group stronger is the desire for the same interest. Some of the relational tensions that have been experienced by the group is that some individuals might have information and they fail to share. This implication of this tension is that it might lead to a lack of trust within the group as every member will always feel that information is being hidden from them. Every individual can solve this tension within the group ensuring that he or she is transparent. This approach will ensure there is trust among every member of the group. Therefore, information will be shared easily.

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As a group, various types of interference can be experienced. Lee et al. (2011) state that some of these issues include conformity, obedience, information social influence, and normative influence. Conformity can be avoided by ensuring that the group has its standards so that it does not struggle to match with the standards of other people. According to Kim, Lee, & Hur (2012), normative influence is the other issue which is a form of influence by other people that leads to conformity so that we could be liked or accepted by them. Every group member ensured that other people would not influence him or her by sticking to the standards of the groups. The informational social influence was avoided not paying attention to the real, implied or imagined status of other people (Kuan, Zhong, & Chau 2014). Obedience is the other form of social influence whereby an individual accepts to act under the instructions from a person in authority. Therefore, obedience in influenced by the peers. IN this case, our group avoided any influence from the peers by developing strategies that were developed by the group and are used to guide how the members operate in various activities.


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