Social Interactions Essay Sample

Published: 2018-03-21
Social Interactions Essay Sample
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Social Interactions Examples

An example of a front stage behavior that I exhibit is pretending to get along with sinister female colleagues at my place of work. On the other hand, is an example of a backstage behavior that I have being introverted since I love being discreet. I know it is a front stage behavior since I display it for public consumption while my backstage behavior is a reflection of my real self. I am part of multiple online subculture and interactions on these online interactions differ from daily interactions in the way one is unable to discern the mood and tone of a person when interaction online as one does through face-to-face interaction.

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Impression management manifests itself in the Zookeepers Wife in the way both Jan and his wife pretend to coexist with harmony with the invaders while secretary brewing up resistance. The purpose of the façade was to help the Jews survive the war (Ackerman, 7).When performing ethnomethodology, I happen to cut the queue intentionally at a coffee joint. My behavior causes snares and complaints from people in line. The reaction tells us that people expect us to follow the norms that they do follow.

It is often important to follow social conventions since it is instrumental in avoiding conflict by adhering an order that all in society subscribe to and I do not feel the pressure to do so on a regular basis. The reason is that if one does not follow social convention, it may brew up unpleasant misunderstandings. It does not differ depending on whether one lives as Gemeinschaft or Gesellschaft, for instance, the social norm that constitutes greeting a person one has just met still applies either in Gesellschaft or in Gemeinschaft. It does not differ in industrial and postindustrial societies since both communities rely heavily on the convention to appeal to customers (Dubinsky 24).

Our society is adapting to new technologies at a rapid pace. However, there are mixed reactions on the new wave of immigrants. Different segments of the society respond to these changes by either accepting or opposing them. Conflict theorists would project that immigrants would compete with local inhabitants for available opportunities such opportunities while new technologies will create controversy as to whether the technologies are safe or secure user data.

In the “Aftermath’’ television show, the type of society that exists is Gemeinschaft, which is characterized by modernism. The reason is that the characters have personal social relations or a sense of communism. It got to this way after the after the strange phenomena occurred. People would react to the change by trusting only members of their family and community while outsiders were treated with suspicion.

Concept of groupthink

An example of an in a group in the Zookeepers Wife is the Polish underground resistance that Jan and his wife joined. In doing so, they secretly sheltered Jews. On the other hand, out groups manifests itself by pretending to live in harmony with the German occupation (Ackerman 7).

Groupthink is a potentially dangerous method of making decisions since a decision may be arrived at without sufficient and rationale thought and compromise to eliminate any source of an emergence of discord and conflict. The decision arrived at may not fully satisfy the problem (JafariNaim and Meyers 36). I agree that bureaucracy acts as iron cages that dehumanize participants. The reason for this is that the decisions made are not representative and may not be beneficial to the overall status quo. A functionalist would view bureaucracy as non-representative of the interests of the majority.

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