Advertisement Messages of Nivea. Essay Example.

Published: 2019-10-21
Advertisement Messages of Nivea. Essay Example.
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Every business has others that it terms as competitors by virtual of their interference in the sales of the particular business product. Coolibar has such competitors, who sell either sunscreen, or competing products such as UV sleeves every day clothing. The manufacturers of similar products include Mott50 and Solumbra. However, it will be unfair to limit the focus on clothing lines and as such; it is worth naming others such as Nivea. Here, the paper looks at Mott50s and Niveas marketing messages.

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Nivea has been in the industry for a long time and as expected, it has a way of making captivating ads. One of this ad takes in the help of Thomas Leveritt; an artist who came was in the short film namely, how the sun sees you. The ad titled take cares out there features people on the beach besides a Nivea tent on Bondi beach. An UV camera takes video of the activity of the sun on the skin giving a different picture for the skins with sunscreen, and another for those without. Additionally, Nivea was involved in the creation of the most stupid ad according to John Hergaty. The advert dubbed protection for the air features a remote controlled sea gull that defecates Nivea sunscreen on children playing on the beach. The advert first identifies children without sunscreen using an UV camera and then goes ahead to drop lotions on them from the air. Another advert called sun slide involves kids playing on the beach. To apply the lotion, all they need is to slide and have their bodies covered. It was a huge success in South Africa where it was launched, and the population it targeted (Nivea Protege, 2014).

Looking at the above adverts, the first and the third caught up and were effective. In the third case, not only did children get involved, but later on, their parents, who were the major targets given their economic power. The first advert won an award for its effectiveness, not only for Nivea, but also for the artist whose initial video was supposed to raise awareness due to the dangers that the UV rays cause the skin. These two were very effective and they attracted more than the targeted audience. While the first were serious and educative, the third was fun and it, not only popular with kids, but also the adults. The second listed advert was, however, unsuccessful. Nivea rejected it and was not aired.

In Mott50, one of their most current and running adverts regards a giveaway dubbed Bahama mama give away. By entering the competition, one stands to win from Mott50, Nine Naturals, Milk Snob, and other companies. Two video adverts that stand out are Mott 50-Uv Clothing video advert. It entails a woman walking on the beach in a hat and a long sleeved shirt. The ambience created around her creates a level of warmth and comfort while her skin looks all healthy. The advert dubbed The Grommet on the tube has over a thousand views with just a few likes. There is a clear distinction of the skin of the woman in blue and those others on the beach. The second advert involves a person who is in marry J Swim Tee. They use UV camera to describe the effect of the sunlight on the skin. Here, they check the surface without the clothing and the surface with the clothing and compares the two. The visible signs indicate a level of penetrance in the UV light while the cloths protect the skin. The background indicates rays of the sun hitting differently. However, in both cases, they show a leaning towards sporty events and ages that many people are normally active. These are effective to the target audience and the adverts have identified a particular niche fully (The Grommet, 2013; Mott50, 2016).

The function portrayed in most Mott50 adverts is reaching an audience that includes people involved in open-door activities such as playing golf, lawn tennis, and other activities such as being on the beach. Although the videos on you tube have low viewership, they are appealing to the people since most people opt to like the advert. The people targeted are mostly in the age bracket of 20-30. It targets the sporty and this is evidenced from the fact that mostly, they tend to hold exhibitions when sporting events are going on, or whenever various other fun events are taking place.

Mott50 has other many adverts on their twitter accounts and the social media. The approach here seems a bit different since their mode of marketing does not come out as clearly as that of Nivea. There is a lot on the online advertising compared to video. Going back to Nivea, the various adverts are supposed to target general audience especially people who spend a lot of time out-doors. The target for the last two listed adverts adults with children. The one involving a bird came out as the worst, sunslide was better and captured the target audience and beyond. Mott50 is a bit subtle in her approach mostly using the online platform to sell her commodities, in addition to exhibitions and pop-up shops (The Grommet, 2013; Motto50, 2016).


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