Scholarship Application Letter, Free Essay Sample

Published: 2018-02-19
Scholarship Application Letter, Free Essay Sample
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Letter of application for scholarship sample

Becoming a marketer has been a dream of mine ever since I was a young girl. Having grown in a family of secure and educated people, my parents played important roles in instilling proper educational values and principles about marketing, which is among the major areas in the field of business. Over time, my interest in marketing has tremendously grown as I have come to realize that it is the principal division of the business. Not only does it provide the information regarding major business decisions, but also gives business clear directions and the targets to accomplish. Though my passion for marketing dates back to high school, I never had a chance to develop this interest before the college entirely. My first actual encounter with the fundamental of marketing was after the University degree, where I successfully secured opportunity get some little knowledge on marketing. The Bachelors of Arts in Chinese Literature at Tamkang University did not significantly impart marketing fundamentals into me, but due to personal interest, I was able to learn about its various aspects such as retail marketing, industrial distribution, and management and professional selling through marketing seminars and debates. Knowledge gained here included marketing research, integrated marketing communication, international marketing and marketing planning.

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My vast experience in marketing and its elements after the completion of my undergraduate degree make me the most suitable candidate for this scholarship. Notably, I have had the opportunity to rise from the position of an Executive Secretary/ Marketing Executive at Deloitte Consulting to the post of a Freelance Marketing and Event Planning Specialist at the US Marketing Services Inc. Between the year 2004 and 2006, I was appointed the became the account Supervisor at Era Ogilvy, where I was mandated to carry out the vital task for the company. On a wider note, I oversaw tactical implementation of events and conferences to ensure more targeted approach in brand and market positioning. I was also involved in the negotiation of the vendor pricing, contract terms, and fulfilment, and ensured deliverables from advertising agencies, printing firms (brochures and promotional material), F&B and entertainment providers. Similarly, I was responsible for the production of the hi-tech bi-annual conference and associated events including the exhibition, and gala awards dinner and communication collateral (sponsorship proposals, quotes, pre-production plans and schedules, website), as well as below-the-line collateral including registration brochures, flyers, conference program, awards menu booklet, invitations. Nevertheless, I successfully organized IT trade shows or exhibitions for clients including Nokia, Cisco, HP and ITRI, and ad-hoc events. All these activities involved teamwork and collaboration with other members of the company.

Sample of letter for scholarship application

I am an excellent team leader with an ability to lead a group. Working as a Senior Marketing Manager at Kingmax Digital Inc. allowed me to exercise my leadership ability on huge capacities. Within the sale and marketing department, I provided strategic direction and leadership to Taiwan and global teams and oversaw product and sales departments in planning new product launches and conducting prior market research and analysis. I also did national and regional trade shows and channel programs in China, India, and the Middle East and liaised with advertising and media agencies to implement key marketing elements. Throughout this program, I not only arranged for the cooperation and the partnership between the parties involved but also instilling a much sense of motivation to all other team members. I demonstrated shrewdness and the capability of working with my team members. Various achievements in my life such as the spearheading a team of 2 account managers and two account supervisors in developing business proposals, brand positioning, implementation and execution of event marketing services for clients in automobile and IT sectors as Project Director at Sculpture Marketing Services makes me the best candidate for this scholarship. I have also won major accounts such as Ford Motor, Mazda Motors and Micro-Star International. Thus, I believe that I am skilled in cross-functional leadership for technical and business units to achieve common goals and cultivating long-term stakeholder relationship with clients, media and vendors

I am a conscientious, hardworking young person who is reliable and always ready to learn new skills from a wide range of knowledge area. I enjoy working in a fast moving environment with a huge desire to bring a positive energy to the team. Ideally, I can work independently or as part of the larger team. During my spare time, I usually love to read marketing journals and articles. I possess a real interest in marketing, as evidenced that I have already gained a considerable knowledge in some two marketing internships. Additionally, I am an excellent basketball player, which ensures that I communicate and cooperate effectively. As a player, I have gotten several opportunities to traverse across different nations in Europe and Asia, thereby experiencing diverse cultures, just as encountered in international marketing.

Currently, I am a Freelance Marketing and Event Planning Specialist, where aim deeply involved in event planning and supervision and exhibition organization. Besides, I play crucial roles in marketing kit translation (from English to Chinese). Generally, as a marketing expert, I can conduct extensive research on various areas such as the industrial distribution and management, professional selling, marketing research, integrated marketing communication, international marketing and marketing planning. Through this scholarship, therefore, I believe that the opportunity to study masters in international marketing in the United Kingdom (Scotland) will help me further my knowledge and passion. The scholarship will stimulate my opening towards having an experience of all the UK’s universities life offered by the prevailing circumstances. After studying in the UK, my alternatives would incorporate working in an organization that is non-profit, joining the corporate world and registering for marketing programs and other additional training. As a long-term objective, I view myself in a career which rapidly propels international marketing, communications, and networking to the greatest levels. I will be able to accomplish this genuinely achievable objective through making advancement within a non-profit organization so that I can work for my country in a more efficient manner. I am therefore ready for this challenge, and greatly looking forward to the opportunity to be awarded this scholarship.

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