Essay Example on the Article The Trouble With Fries

Published: 2018-09-11
Essay Example on the Article The Trouble With Fries
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Ray Kroc Biography

In 1954, Ray Kroc a milkshake vendor heard about the hamburgers of San Bernardino in California. The restaurant had become so famous that Ray Kroc traveled from Chicago to Los Angeles. He watched how people waited in line to have these hamburgers and was impressed by how one blonde seemed excited by the fact that she was getting burgers that day. He later came back and watched how French fries were made and were so impressed that he asked Mac and Dick McDonald to sell him their franchise rights, which they agreed.

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Ray Kroc was a great visionary in the fast food business and was able to turn it into one of the greatest business to-date. He first realized that fries were not easy to find especially quality fries. Therefore, he decided to change the business. Ray, decided that he would make the best fries in America and to do that he had to make sure that the potatoes had the right percentage of water and sugar. Additionally, he made sure that potatoes were fresh and to make sure of that he sent people out with hydrometers. Kroc mastered the art of making the best fries in America, which led to the beginning of the best fast food business McDonald's. Kroc discovered a way in which he would make inexpensive snacks that were always hot salty, flavorful, and crispy at all times when being bought. Therefore, Kroc revolutionized fast foods which became very popular in the whole nation. However, there is a problem now.

Fast foods have been named as the leading cause of diabetes and heart diseases. Many Americans are dying everyday due to the way the fries as they are from smoking. People are calling out for a fix in this situation. French fries are made by baking potatoes. The potatoes are harvested, then cured, washed, peeled, sliced and then cooked to a fluffy texture then they are dried to have a crispy texture. The potatoes get water removed from them and then replaced with fat. Enriching food with fat, however, has been done to many foods in different cultures, but with the fries, the starch is enriched with more oil and fat.

The problem with French fries is that they are made unhealthier with the addition of fat and oils. The golden look on the fries makes them irresistible to many Americans, and many people are eating over thirty pounds of French fries every year. Consuming too many fries increases the chances of heart diseases by seventeen percent, causing the increase in premature deaths a year. Fries have too many trans-fats, which have been proved to be unhealthy. Oil are rich in mono-saturated fats which are as harmful as saturated fats.

A logic solution would be for McDonald's would be to use Olestra, which is fat substitute developed by Procter and Gamble. However, Olestra has been known to have some drawbacks such as gastrointestinal distress such as cramping and loose stools. Olestra, however, helps in the reduction of weight and lowers cholesterol but too much if it can be harmful.

Evidently, in the beginning, Kroc made sure that the fries were healthy for the people consuming them, but later that changed. Today people are in need of something that can regulate the amount of fat they consume in fries. Therefore someone or a big crusade by nutritionist should be considered.

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