Pros and Cons of Cloud Computing for Business, Free Essay

Published: 2018-06-05
Pros and Cons of Cloud Computing for Business, Free Essay
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Cloud computing is the practice of using and also utilizing a remote server which hosted on the internet to help a business firm to store, manage and also process data which is critical for the company.

Business benefits of cloud computing

The business advantages of cloud computing are very many, and one of them is, to set up the cloud computing services there is no need to destroy or rip off the traditional services that used. The other benefit is that it reduces the cost of storage this is because it sums up all the information of the firm in one place. The further advantage is that the applications of cloud computing are portable and according to said cloud computing has been the primary reason for the growth of many companies (Aljawarneh & Cai, n.d.)

Problems and risks of cloud computing

Some of the issues that cloud computing solve compared to other traditional forms include;

1.It's accessible everywhere

2.It reduces the operation cost

3.It also have professionals who can help you at anytime

4.It also saves time

Disadvantages of cloud computing

Everything has both good and also bad things, and when it comes to cloud computing some of the disadvantages that it has included:

1.It is not a solution to everything that one wants it also has some limits

2.There are possible downtimes due to use of online mode in which one requires power and also the internet to operate so in case the net speed is slow it will affect all the activities

3.It’s not well secured due to hacking of information

4.It’s expensive

5.It's sometimes inflexible due to reduced cloud applications

6.It sometimes has reduced customer support services.

Benefits of cloud computing for business

Some of the most likely companies that profit from the cloud computing services includes the following:

1.Marketing groups

2.Share offices and space leasing companies

3.Data security firms

4.Global corporations



Aljawarneh, S. & Cai, H. International Journal of Cloud Applications and Computing (IJCAC) (1st ed.).

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