Personal Journal Entry: Essay Example

Published: 2018-03-19
Personal Journal Entry: Essay Example
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I can’t believe it! I had a good score from the spiritual and emotional wellness personal inventory. I think my score of 20 means excellent in these dimensions. This has made me happy. Being happy will certainly boost my health. I guess I could be most worried if I had failed in my score. Spiritual wellness means I have better trust in God. And I don’t need to have a headache about what will happen tomorrow. I am mostly assured that God will take care of me, my best friend and my family. My good score in the emotional wellness program means that I am emotionally fit! And I remember those days I used to get angry most of the time at home. I would refuse to eat because I was annoyed! Not anymore! Maybe this is my best and happiest year ever!!!

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Forgiving people is healthy. I remember last summer when my best friend did not invite me to her birth day party. Everybody knew there was a birthday party except me-her best friend! I was annoyed since I felt as if my best friend had betrayed me. I have always invited her to all parties at home. Forgiving her proved to be difficult especially before she apologized. When we went to school, I avoided her company. I felt so bad because I was lonely. And this affected my health negatively. She later came to apologize when she realized her mistake. I forgave her. My emotional wellness improved. I learned that its healthy to forgive. It will make you happy!!!

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