Organizational Structures Essay Sample

Published: 2018-08-10
Organizational Structures Essay Sample
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Impact on Organizational Strategies

Decentralization in the workplace is an inevitability that future employment has to contend with. The world of millennials is increasingly placing more power on the employee than the employer. For example, Groth and Nisen (2013) present the analogy of outsourcing as a trend that is quickly picking pace. To that extent, decentralization is changing organizational strategy in regards to how it meets employee obligations or sources services that would otherwise be completed by employees. For instance, by employing catering services instead of employing full-time staff to work at the company’s dedicated kitchen.

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As such, the future is probably likely to comprise of private service or personal service providers where companies will have to operate remotely while outsourcing services. For instance, cheaper alternatives to managing expenditure and costs in the institution are associated with technologies such as cloud computing has changed organizational strategy in hiring full-time technology maintenance staff. As a result, the change in hiring strategy liberates the business from obligations such as maintaining a permanent technical team. For example, by hiring cloud computing firm to maintain office documents and reducing the need for hiring staff for storing physical copies of company documents. As such, the more employees become liberated from their employers, the more the services they provide become personalized and, hence, facilitate personal service delivery.

Another perspective at looking at decentralization can be from the manner with which the management seeks to motivate the modern workforce that is increasingly taking a novel form of strategy. Unlike in the past where the motivation of employees during the industrial revolution was largely aligned with major motivational theories such as Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs Theorem. In that respect, the example of the workforce today presents novel sources of motivation that incorporate appreciation, involvement, teamwork, and liberation. The millennial generation seeks to have flexible working hours rather than being tied down to a nine-to-five schedule (Groth & Nisen, 2013). Minimal supervision is of preference as employees seem to require that they are liberated from the watchful eye of the management to allow them flexibility towards executing their mandate. To that extent, a freer mind of the employee serves to help them meet obligations adequately without strict supervision.

Effect on Employee/Manager Employee Relationships

Notably, the trends mentioned all point to the fact that decentralization is inevitable in the future workplace environment. Hence, managers have to deal with the fact that they will have to share authorities and responsibilities with their juniors in the future workplace and thus embrace decentralization.

Another example of how decentralization affects the relationship between the manager and employee is that is breaks down hierarchical barriers. As such, employees in many respect feel as equals with their superiors as they can engage as peers when executing their mandate. In that respect, employees-manager relationships will transform to assume partnership and team structures moving away from the conventional senior-junior staff bureaucracy.


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