Free Essay: Self-improvement According to Jonathan Edward

Published: 2017-09-16
Free Essay: Self-improvement According to Jonathan Edward
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Jonathan Edward was a preacher, theologian and philosopher who tried to transform the lives of people into better being. He provides some notable recipes for one to follow in order to better themselves in terms of religious and societal mutuality. Being a puritan pastor he tries to make some parallelism of comparison between the ethical tradition and the contemporary one as par that time of historical calendar. Most importantly he developed some moral psychology and provides some elaborate details on how it can be effected in real life situation for coexistence and as a form of reverence to the Lord. It is incumbent to note that as a theologian he much wanted people to revere God as a way of coming closer to God and redemption. It is important to note that Edward Jonathan decided to divide his recipe in four major areas namely; God and human person, the affection and its proper object, the religious affections and appropriate conduct and lastly the finite and the infinite beauty of God.

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God and human person

I tend to find his work and contributions noble in self-improvement. This is brought by the fact that Edwards manages to use his moral psychology to show the relationship that it has to the godly life. He strongly believes that people have to fully follow the godly live in order for them to live in harmony and get abundant blessings from God. This among multifaceted idea are the basis for the enhancement of mutuality with divine power (Massy). He fully manages to assess the values pragmatically, aesthetically and experientially. Edwards takes us to different account to assess beauty in religious matter. This aesthetic value in religion comes as result of understanding the godly values of God and trying to live and lead the exemplary life that he has destine us. In so doing, one is affiliated to his love and in the long run people are integrated in the life of the supreme power. There are numerous examples he manages to use to show the significance of being connected to the endless life and love of God. He figuratively states that goodness that is unappreciated cannot redirect its energies of the heart or redefined the identity of itself. Speaking, in this manner, he simply means that one has to perform a given task with clear conscious and directed by positive move. Failure to observe that is like merely wasting the energy and the God given talent in the society. He metaphorically sticks to his idea of contraction and expansion. He believes that one is full when he understands the abundance in knowing God. . He further puts it that those who do not know his grace are contracted and therefore it is high time for them to take some soul searching and rediscover great values when they are affiliated to the Lord.

The affections and its proper object

This the second phase of his pragmatic analysis. The idea may have been prompted by the Awakening a grate movement that was evident in the early 18 the century. This move was aimed at trying to bring a new face to the Christian perspective and religion as a whole emphasizing on restoration and redemption as the greatest elements to be observed for mutuality. Edwards Jonathan is considered as a great scholar and philosopher (Tan). This is attributed by the fact that he was able to write a lot of books and read widely. He was a very sophisticated person in terms of religion and could be in a position of defending it using all the available sources to support his idea using the appropriate quotations from the bible. Due to his distinguished ability of dexterity and ubiquitous nature, he is acclaimed as the greatest writer of his time who had wealth of knowledge in diversified field related to the humanistic point of view. It is his view and idea of developed the moral psychology that has opened room for more psychologist to take deep analytical view on the said field to ascertain its relevance to humanistic point of view.

Religious affection and appropriate conduct

Moreover, one gets a lot of understanding and ideas that would aid them in their self-improvement from his pious life. It is incumbent to note that he had led a pious life.

Jonathan as a religious man and a devout Christian who adhered to all religious functions. He possessed these notable characteristics which made him to be valued and appreciated by many because he did not mince his words. All this at attributed are recorded in different books and journal. Basically, it can be stated that his role resulted to a lot of changes in revival churches or the Pentecostal. His mode of maintain all what it pertain to religious mater is the notable steps that he made in his piety life. This is explicitly evident in the case whereby he even mediates on important things that ought to take place.

Finite values and infinite beauty of God

Reading Jonathans book, A Faithful Narrative of the Surprising Work of God in the Conversion of Many Hundred Souls in Northamptonis very fascinating since the book provides some approaches that need to be adopted by everyone to enhance mutuality in the society. Primarily, I find his work very instrumental since he makes us realize the importance of taking good care of our brothers and sisters in the society (Bezzant). Most importantly, I like this book as it provides hope to those people who are in the verge of losing hope for one reason or another. It is a remarkable book more so to those people who find it difficult to open up to their spouse. I am engrossed by the fact it highlights some of the ‘cancerous’ issues that makes us to be sick. The most enthralling part of the book is due to its metaphoric aspect of talking about the illness in our hearts. To me, it is a phenomenal book that contains the messianic message that brings hope not only to the patients but also to the family at large as he talks about taking good care of each other. This among other myriad of reasons make me to continually wish to read and read it since it is a very captivating book and its message becomes new to me every day when I open it. It has really taught me to observe other people as brothers and sisters and never despise any one regardless of their status in the society. Ideally, the conspicuous element in this book is morality. I have further learnt the importance of observing and upholding moral standards. I would wish to recommend the book to other readers since it quenches one’s spiritual thirst.


According to most scholars, Jonathan’s work is regarded as one of the best and is most is most importantly considered as the best researcher as all his details are backed up with credible sources and references. Although, some of his work was posthumously published, he wrote to people in different parts of the world on some religious observation that were to be observed for pious life. He emphasized on holiness and observation of piety as noble virtue that would please God (Reklis). This scenario is evident in the manner he elaborated some regulatory observation highlighted with the intention of directing and guiding on appropriate approaches or religious practices that ought to be followed religiously.


Jonathan’s works among other notable authors have played a very significant role in the transformation of people’s lives and most importantly towards developing an individual in what is referred to as self-improvement. Edwards manage to bring noteworthy changes that are realized in Christian faith. Moreover, he was able to integrate other personalities as most of his work is geared towards redemption and pious life so as to receive the abundance grace from God. When one takes a close look of this book and goes through it critically, he gets some form of nourishment. In nutshell, this book is very instrumental towards forming one’s character and trying to understand the relationship of self to God. Most importantly some great scholars are attempting to analyse his concept of moral to assess its efficacy on the on the modern society that is characterised with a lot of dynamisms.

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