Essay Sample: How My Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities Improved During the Session

Published: 2023-01-16
Essay Sample: How My Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities Improved During the Session
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The session has been very informative to me. It has significantly boosted my experience and understanding of the different concepts and duties of clinicians and other medical experts. It has been an eye-opening session for me with a lot of real-world event exposure. My skills have been sharpened regarding handling of clients at different levels.

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Work is done for the Class during the Session and How It Could Be Improved

I have a strong belief that I did my level best in meeting suspense in nursing and accurately responding to my classmates when they asked a question. I also provided the necessary resources for class studies when needed. Despite the success during this session, I still need to improve on my professionalism and confidence to become more eloquent and clear when responding to the raised concerns (Trochim, 2006).

Some of the Topics That Were Not Well Mastered and How to Improve On Them

Frankly, I failed to understand some of the materials presented during the session. I was unable to fully conceptualize on the management of chronic disease analysis until the completion of the course. The tutors need to be more practical and use adequate resources and examples to ensure understanding of the topic in future sessions (Champion, 2005).

Techniques of Measuring Future Impact of What I Have Learnt During the Session

Currently, I have mastered the difference in resources used for teaching purposes in different classes and topics. Upon completion of the course, I believe I am now more proficient and that my analysis skills have adequately been sharpened. Having understood the evidence-based nursing practice, I firmly believe I have what it takes to perform in any organization set up globally (Jackson & Waters, 2005).

Achievement of Course Outcomes

The session was adequate for me to understand the course outcomes as listed on the syllabus page. The professionalism of the tutor played a critical role in ensuring full grasping of the content while in session ('The Health Communication Unit", 2007).


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