My Leadership Development Plan, Essay Sample

Published: 2019-01-09
My Leadership Development Plan, Essay Sample
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Personal and professional relationships

My leadership development plan has been a successful endeavor, especially in the communication and relationship domain. I have been able to maintain personal and professional relationships with my colleagues and students that are characterized by cordial interactions and meaningful engagements. My students are constantly seeking for my opinion and approval before they undertake any project either in their professional or personal lives. They value and appreciate my feedback, and I always ensure I remain objective when interacting with them in such instances. My colleagues, from time to time, also seek for motivational support from me.

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To assess the goals set within the communication and relationship management domain, I will be required to evaluate how my students interact with the information I put across. Do the students understand the messages put across? How often do interact and engage in meaningful conversations with my students? Are there any barriers to communication within my students? What steps have I undertaken to eliminate such obstacles? Answering these questions will go a long way in measuring the goals within this domain.

To understand if I have achieved the leadership goals, I will measure the impact I have had on my students. If the students offer resistance and are opposed to me and my leadership style, one can infer that I have achieved little in the leadership domain. However, if I inspire the students to engage in any activity without there being any opposition, then my leadership goals have been met. To assess my professionalism, I will be tasked with evaluating how I have contributed towards the realization of organizational goals. I will be required to assess my accountability and responsibility towards decisions and actions I have made and how I have stood by them in spite of their outcome.

Healthcare environment

On knowledge of the healthcare environment, I will assess how conversant I am with the challenges that are facing the health sector in my immediate environment and some of the strategies I have put in place to address these challenges. I will also evaluate the research I have done and how it fits and builds upon the existent medical and healthcare literature. My business goals will be analyzed through my mastery of basic business skills and knowledge and how I can incorporate these skills in improving the organization. For example, I can evaluate how I have used business skills to minimize costs and maximize the profits of the organization (Barr, & Dowding, 2016).

In conclusion, while control and measuring of goals remain a tedious activity, it is crucial to evaluate goals. If the goals have not been met, it will be prudent to develop a strategy of how to eliminate the constraints towards goal-realization. If the goals have been achieved, it is also important to develop a framework that will ensure that the goals stick in the long run.


Barr, J., & Dowding, L. (2016). Leadership in health care (1st ed.). London: Sage Publications.

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