Essay Sample on Tactical and Strategic Goals

Published: 2022-11-07
Essay Sample on Tactical and Strategic Goals
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Strategic planning is a form of organization training that requires the alignment of the organization training activities to the strategic goals and values. Strategic employee training involves preparing employees by equipping them with skills to meet an organization strategic objectives. An organization that seeks to achieve its tactical and strategic goals should have specific preparations to create an ideal environment for training (Bhuiyan, 2017). Bill Wilson Center is a social services organizations that provide programs to children, adolescents and the adults regarding family and individual counseling, crisis residence, adoption services, stress management, foster care, and LGBTQ outreach amongst other services (Bill Wilson Center. n.d). This paper will assess the necessary characteristics that Bill Wilson Center should have in place to influence the organization's training to meet its tactical and strategic goals.

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Organization Characteristics that Influence Training

Presence of Strategic Goals

Bill Wilson Center strategic goal is to incorporate research in its services and also to provide culturally competent services. These strategic goals significantly influence the direction that the employees training will take. In this case, Bill Wilson Center employees training will be influenced by the need to integrate research in its social services as well as improve cultural competence amongst its employees (Bill Wilson Center. n.d). The existence of a goal within an organization is a good characteristic that can influence employee training to be able to match the employee skills with the goals skills requirements within an organization (Bhuiyan, 2017). Therefore, continuous employee development and training occurs in an organization that is goal oriented like in the case of Bill Wilson Center strategic goal of integrating research and practice in the organization and offering culturally competent services.

Organization Support System

An organization that puts in place a support system that promotes employee training significantly influences the employee training management and organization. Bill Wilson Center support system for employee training involves motivation approaches and also enabling programs that fund the employee's further education in different education institutions (Tracey, Hinkin, Tannenbaum, & Mathieu, 2001). The existence of an organization reward and appraisal system that is based on employee competency and level of education can significantly influence an organization training to meet certain strategic goals (Yusof, 2012). In this case, the ability of Bill Wilson Center ability to promote the employees who acquire high education merits sets the right organization environment that motivates employees to go for further training to get the reward of salary increment as well as positional promotion (Bill Wilson Center. n.d). Besides, Bill Wilson Center seeks to facilitate training by financing employee further training and education.

Functional Human Resource Management and Communication System

An organization that has a functional human resource management in place can influence training to meet an organizational strategic goal (Rafiei & Davari, 2015). Bill Wilson Center should create a practical human resources management that will be able to identify the gap between the skills needed to meet organization goals and the employee goals and initiate training programs to ensure that there is a skills alignment. On the other hand, a good communication system within an organization ensures that the management can communicate to all levels of the organization its strategic objectives and the skills required to meet them.


Organization characteristics play a significant role in influencing an organization training. Bill Wilson Center needs a functional human resources, clear objectives, communication approach, rewards and employee motivation to be able to influence correct human resources training to meet the organizational strategic goals of integrated research and culturally competent services.


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