Essay Sample Dedicated to the Golden Stool Artifact

Published: 2022-11-04
Essay Sample Dedicated to the Golden Stool Artifact
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Human beings are generally creators of art. The made artifacts play different vital roles in their lives; ranging from hunting to war, old dance to modern ones among others. The objects make the environment pleasant and helpful to reside in. The paper focuses on analyzing and describing the golden stool and its resonation as my best-ever artifact.

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The Golden Stool

According to tradition the stool is believed to have gold covered all over its parts. The gold is very pure and can be traced that it floated and dropped from the sky and landed on the fertile lands of our region. I loved the stool is that it was once celebrated by one of the African countries and their center of exoneration. Many people also believed that the souls of the people resided within the stool and all dwindling operations exude from its centrality. Notably, the seat was made by the Sameer, the chief Atheist in the region.

Explaining the Dynamics of the beautiful stool

The stool is made of gold, very shiny and exclusively attractive with all parts excellently polished. Similarly, it is eighteen meters high, twenty-four meters long as well as twelve meters wide which makes it incapable of resting on the ground. It usually slept on the sheet of blankets that are pleasantly erected to create uniformity (Adjei & Adebayo, 2015). Across the bottom part are small decorations of golden patches which are capable of producing light during night hours. Generally, the stool was associated by the kings who aim was to remain anonymous throughout their entire ruling.

I felt fascinated with the stool, and I always think that being making was one of the best things in individual life. For example, the top part of the seat which had a backrest makes it easier for the person sitting on it to rest with ease amidst exuberant conformability. Nothing puzzles me like realizing that the stool has remained the most important artifacts throughout the Ghana boundaries in Africa for several years.

Evaluation and uses of the Golden Stool

The stool was a vital artifact among the black people, and during a war it was realized that people fight their lungs out to defend it (Adjei & Adebayo, 2015). It was like their small god, and during wars, no one was allowed to neither access it nor associate themselves with it. It was explicitly in a private gallery out of reach of everyone. Its accessibility could only be made possible after a thorough evaluation of the pertinent reason for such convenience. Similarly, it was just the king, and his trusted advisors were allowed to see the original stool and know where it is hidden during such occasions. On prolonged wars, the seat is being blacked with the blood of animals to heighten its invisibility.

The Golden Stool and People

Moreover, different images used as artifacts have mild advantages in shaping our learning endeavors as novice artists (Adjei & Adebayo, 2015). They give us an opportunity to interact with various texts as well as images that are meaningful for our future careers. However, the golden stool is one of the unique photos that I have ever come across. It not only portrays a beautiful image that is eye appealing but also shows an extensive leadership and power to those who are an association with it. Besides, the similar artifact cannot be named because finding pure gold is a serious menace to date.


Adjei, J. K., & Adebayo, A. G. (2015). Colonial justice and conflict management: the case of Chief Seniagya and the Ashanti Golden Stool. Indigenous conflict management strategies in West Africa, Lexington Books, London, 103-14.

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