Free Essay on Marijuana Addiction in Youths

Published: 2019-01-16
Free Essay on Marijuana Addiction in Youths
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Marijuana abuse

Marijuana abuse is substantially rampant among youths of between 15 and 25 years of ages in the current world thus becoming a worldwide problem. Both female and male youths in most of the educational institutions tend to use marijuana with the aim of gaining pleasure. With continued use, most become addicted to the drug. For this reason, there is a need for ensuring that there is the elimination of marijuana addiction to enable them to continue with their studies without difficulties. Therefore, this paper discusses the strategies to address the addiction of marijuana. It also points out ways of eliminating and raising awareness to reduce the addiction of marijuana. It will also explain the misunderstandings regarding marijuana abuse.

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To prevent further marijuana addiction, educational programs need to be set in schools and communities to inform the youth about the dangers of marijuana use. The program should first address the harmful effects of using marijuana including its effects on human health (Pacula et al., 2014). In this program, the youths should be taught the coping skills that will aid them to handle any stressful situations instead of opting for the use of marijuana. The youths also should be encouraged to engage in extra-curricular activities that will make them occupied thus preventing more possibility of being addicted to marijuana. Also, parents should also be educated on the importance of encouraging their children when faced with problems as this will aid in preventing further marijuana addiction.

Training centers also need to be established that will enable the youths to be creative and start their business ideas. It is because research has shown that more than 30% of teens are facing unemployment problems and as a result, their primary option goes to the use of drugs especially marijuana (Pacula et al., 2014). The training centers will greatly aid in the reduction of marijuana addiction as many of the youth will become occupied.

Addiction to marijuana

Setting laws governing marijuana abuse is also another strategy that will aid in reducing of addiction problems. Abuse of marijuana should be made illegal, and therefore, any person found smoking marijuana, he or she will have some consequences to answer. The punishment may either be to be jailed for a particular year or paying a fine a certain amount of money. For this reason, many youths will try as much as possible to avoid further use of marijuana hence result to almost no addiction problems.

For addiction to marijuana to be eliminated or reduced among youths, there is the need for creating rehabilitation centers. These centers will greatly assist those who are addicted to adopting ways of staying without the use of marijuana. Through this process, they are also counseled on the way they are expected to live for good health. After the addicted individuals have withdrawn the problem, they are then taught the ways of ensuring that they remain sober and clean for the rest of their lives (Bhat, & Kamath, 2015). They are also trained on the strategies that will aid them to prevent further relapses. As a result, the addiction problem is drastically reduced thus promoting their health.

Regarding marijuana addiction, leaders in almost all parts of the world are trying to find new ways to raise awareness to fight the rising epidemic, especially among youths. Countries together with their neighborhoods are taking useful steps to inform the public and communities on marijuana addiction through events such as festivals, contests, sports competitions, galas, walks, and organizing conferences. Through these events, several teens are brought together in an effort of ensuring that any use of drugs is discouraged. The events also offer materials that encourage open conversations between friends, teens and family members about marijuana abuse (Carol, 2016). Other activities also tend to discuss on ways of ensuring that youths are not profoundly affected and ways of ensuring that peer pressure does not encourage the use of marijuana. Many colleges have also organized special events that aim at discussing the topic of marijuana addiction and rehabilitation. The events try to raise awareness for the students who are struggling with the addiction problem thus giving them a chance of recovering.

Use of marijuana

Some individuals also volunteer their time to visit a particular community to help raise awareness on the use of marijuana. The youths of the community are gathered in a particular place, and they are being taught on the harmful effects of ensuring that they are not involved in the abuse of marijuana. They are also educated on how it affects the brain and may lead to a dangerous health problem.

Additionally, those concerned tend also to raise awareness of marijuana addiction through the use of posters and billboards which are made available to schools, colleges and in communities. Information about the harmful effects of marijuana and how to prevent addiction problem is written on the billboards and posters. Drawings regarding an individual abusing marijuana are also made available to inform the public how serious it is to abuse marijuana.

There are several misunderstandings regarding drug addiction that people need to be educated. For instance, some people believe that one cannot recover from an addiction to marijuana while others think that it is healthy to smoke marijuana. On the contrary, this is incorrect since one can recover from marijuana addiction after seeking professional help and smoking of marijuana affects someone's health as any other drug. However, to prevent these assumptions, individuals need to be educated. Professional doctors need to inform the youths that use of marijuana is not healthy except in instances where it is utilized for the medicinal purpose as it is similarly harmful to human life. They should also be taught that people can recover from addiction hence they should try their best to ensure that their friends and relatives undergo rehabilitation. Those already rehabilitated need to encourage the youths to prevent marijuana use and also to make sure that they are given firsthand information.

In conclusion, marijuana abuse is an international issue that needs to be addressed. Educational programs should be set in institutions and communities to educate people on the harmful effects of marijuana addiction. Training centers also need to be established to enable the youths to develop business ideas thus prevent further addiction. Also, laws governing the abuse of marijuana will substantially decrease its dependency. To eliminate marijuana addiction, the teens should be encouraged to go to rehabilitation centers where they will manage the situation. There are also several ways of creating awareness regarding marijuana addiction. It could be done through organizing events, posters, and billboards. As a result, the youth will be informed hence prevent further abuse and addiction. However, there are certain assumptions that use of marijuana is health or that someone can never recover from its addiction. For this reason, doctors need to inform the youth on the misconceptions in that marijuana is like any other drug and therefore it can cause health problems. Lastly, the teens need to be made aware that marijuana addiction can be recovered hence seek attention if need be.


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