Management Leadership Essay Sample

Published: 2019-03-27 21:10:25
Management Leadership Essay Sample
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Not all managers are leaders, and not all leaders are managers. The two terms are often confused because what people know is that both individuals will be in charge of a particular task or team (Elenkov and Manev). However, a manager may never take the role of being in control of a group, for example, a data manager will only be in-charge of data including its various aspects like collection, interpretation, and dissemination. A leader may lack formal power which means that he or she is not a manager (Elenkov and Manev). For example, some of the influential leaders in history were in leadership positions because of their peers and not because the power was given to them by a person or a group of individuals. Management leadership, therefore, comes in when a person is in charge of a group of individuals, and he or she has formal power assigned to him or her from the said group or any other team (Elenkov and Manev). While management will involve the allocation of resources leadership will require empowering the people these resources are allocated to. Good management leadership is where one can be both a leader and manager while maintaining a healthy working relationship with the group that he or she is in charge of. Poor management leadership occurs when an individual lacks the skills to incorporate the leader and the manager within to develop a person who can efficiently lead a group. It also happens when the person does not develop a healthy working relationship with the team that he or she is in charge of (Elenkov and Manev). For example, an individual may have the authority to delegate duties to the group but lacks the ability to provide the proper motivation for the team. Therefore, bad management leadership will have an overall outlook on the team members, especially regarding productivity and interaction.

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Good management leadership will involve being a role model to those that look up to the person. It will require the individual to behave in a way that he or she would like the group to emulate. Good management leadership will demand that the person conducts himself or herself in a competent way physically, socially and psychologically. It could show itself in how such a person dresses or the overall grooming habits of the person. It could also involve the emotional reactions the individual will portray towards various issues in the organization and how the person will interact with the group and others in the organization (Elenkov and Manev). Good management leadership will involve the delegation of a level of power to the team members. The person will be the overall indication of power within the group, but he or she will give members autonomy and an opportunity to engage freely in their assigned tasks. Good management leadership will allow for innovation and creativity within the group thus giving members a chance to develop new ideas and try out new things within the organization. As Elenkov and Manev state "A leader's intellectual stimulation behavior is closely associated with encouraging diversity of opinions, which stimulates new ideas and experimentation that are integral parts of the innovation process" (384). Good management leadership creates a positive working environment for the group and will engage each person at an individual level.

Good management leadership will involve a combination of work goals with the goals of employees. It provides a form of motivation for the employees because the work goals will be aligned with their goals in the workplace. It means that effective management leadership will have adequate strategic planning and communication. It is because the administration's goals will need to be communicated to the group to ensure that the team has a point of focus to work towards (Elenkov and Manev). It will also ensure that clarity is developed and that the group clearly understands what is expected of them. Good management leadership will have an incentive and reward system for employees who meet or surpass their expectations. The system needs to be based on fairness to avoid favoritism. It will ensure that employees are motivated to work harder.

Good management leadership will provide an opportunity for employees or group members to be involved in decision making. It will ensure that the team has a voice in what takes place within the organization and that they are aware of any new activities or changes taking place in the organization. It will be necessary that the leader engages in appropriate mobilization, communication, and communication with the members of the team. There should remain a form of a boundary between the leader and the group that presents a definition of power but no so much that it exuberates fear in the group (Elenkov and Manev). Good management leadership will involve the development of a vision that helps the team to develop its level of motivation towards the task at hand or the organization. The vision will act as a clear guideline of what the goal is and the expectations of each member (Elenkov and Manev). The vision will be communicated to the group from the word go so that the team is aware of what needs to be done after how long. Therefore, the team will reach the expected output while appreciating its position within the organization. Good management leadership will show the ability to be unpredictable where such an individual will come up with innovations and creative ideas at any moment. Such a leader will have the capacity to come up with new ideas even in instances where there is conflict within the organization. He or she will be ready to listen to the plight of the group members and work on resolving these issues in conjunction with the team.

A leader may be born, but it requires extra effort for one to acquire effective management leadership. Therefore, good management leadership can be learned through various means including training. One will need to be trained on how to be in charge of delegating duties within a group and on how to motivate people in the team that he or she is working with. Skills to perform these tasks are availed in higher learning institutions where one can acquired knowledge on effective management leadership (Elenkov and Manev). It can also be learned through working under the supervision of and individual who has qualities of effective management leadership. The current world is full of professors who have specialized in various fields which means that they have extensive knowledge in their areas of specialization. Therefore, a person with good management leadership can be identified to act as a role model and supervisor for the individual looking to acquire these skills. In so doing the trainee can obtain the necessary experience while working with such a professional (Elenkov and Manev). It is also appropriate to engage in the practice. Good management leadership does not mean that one is perfect and will not make mistakes. It means that one will learn through practice and in the case of errors, the individual identifies ways of addressing the mistakes in a healthy way that takes care the group working under the person.

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