Labeling Theory Essay Example

Published: 2018-03-08
Labeling Theory Essay Example
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Labeling theory states that the behavior and self-identity of folks may be influenced by the languages used by the members of the society to classify and describe them. Due to the emergence of technology, the traditional bullies have turned to use of online platforms where they label their fellow online users ambiguously. Individuals who like bullying and labeling others have started exploiting technology as a convenient platform to label others. The people bullied online may later assume their labels since they believe that the bullying problem originates within them instead of viewing it as consequence of their actions. Use of technology has become common in the modern society where even kids can access it and post what they feel will make them famous. Many youths have been posting information and video that provokes the society’s norms, and in the process, the information is circulated all over the online platform. Instead, of curbing their behavior after being criticized, they go further to produce such clips and posting them since they have seen an opportunity of becoming famous. Some individuals who are criticized for accessing some sites that violate the social norms such as pornography sites may continue with their behavior as their colleagues starting labeling them as informed guys. They will always be updated with the latest episodes in order to maintain their status of being the informed folks. Hence the theory might be still relevant even this era of advanced technology. In some cases, the victims might not take it easy, and instead of resisting the positive change they may feel stressed, and this may affect their morale and activities negatively. Although these people may be willing to change their behavior after being criticized or bullied through online platforms, it might be a difficult move for them. Some retaliate, by avoiding the use of all online platforms in fear of being blamed for their actions.

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