Free Essay on Internet Privacy Resolution

Published: 2018-10-25
Free Essay on Internet Privacy Resolution
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What is the probable solution to eradicate internet privacy violations?

Advancement in information communication technology has systematically improved real-time information sharing and communication. Significantly, they have improved access to information on a global scale and foster democratic participation (RT International,). The powerful technologies provide the promise of enhanced enjoyment of human rights; however, they are still susceptible to electronic interception and surveillance. Recent discoveries have highlighted the fact that the new technologies are developed covertly to facilitate the surveillance practices with efficiency. Continual electronic surveillance and interception of personal information threaten individual rights based on the notion that it constrains a free functioning vivacious civil society. The ease of information access, combined with the availability of personal data makes it easier and tempting to the interested parties to infringe personal privacy in extraordinary ways (Bray, Hiawatha). Initially, a range of techniques have been used purposefully to preserve web user’s data, but in vain. Such approaches include client based solution through the use of firewalls and trace removers, and regulations from relevant bodies such as the United Nations that are specifically aimed at tackling the problem (Bray, Hiawatha). However, privacy violation incidents are still on the rise highlighting the need for vibrant solutions that focus on the generic web users. Currently, governments and other interested parties (companies) are infringing the user’s right to privacy by accessing the personal information (RT International,). The proposal for a new resolution is concerned with adverse impacts of surveillance, particularly when partaken in mass scale as it violates the human rights of the users.

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Conducting research highlights on the broad nature of the problem being encountered in the modern society. Despite the fact that privacy violations often hit the headlines, little is known about the interested parties and their decision to violate the privacy rights. Research discoveries indicate how the new communication technologies are developed furtively to facilitate the electronic surveillance practices (Scassa, Teresa). Additionally, research indicates that an international human rights law offer a worldwide framework against interference with individual privacy rights, calling for assessments when such violation takes place (Scassa, Teresa). Despite the fact that the access to private information is conducted at a mass scale, the ability to develop a viable solution is enhanced by narrowing down the focus on individual web users. The interested parties have depicted increased concern on accessing personal data that ought to be private. Despite it being a global problem, some solutions seem viable to deal with the problem including technologically enabled solutions such as protecting the servers and clients. Significantly, legislations can be implemented with the aim to protect individual’s privacy while transacting on the internet (Scassa, Teresa).

The viable solution is to empower users enabling them to have a healthier control over the access and use of their information.

Plan of Action

The idea to embed user agents with the data seems sustainable; however, additional information is still needed relating to the ability of the users to comprehend the web semantics entirely (Scassa, Teresa). Additionally, it is of interest to collect data that highlights the information often collected by the government and interested parties such as companies. In the context of extra torrential surveillance, additional information is to be collected to identify the best practices and challenges likely to be encountered. The information needed can be located for use in developing the viable solution. The steps to be taken prior writing the draft pertain to;

The development of the main idea by asking questions and writing the thesis statement, conducting research to enhance ease in narrowing the topic, putting the audience into consideration by identifying the right word choice, conducting research to prepare a preliminary bibliography and creating a working structure that highlights on the draft’s outline.

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