Preventing Pregnancy Essay Example

Published: 2019-03-27
Preventing Pregnancy Essay Example
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Not every individual is happy being a parent more so when it is unplanned. It is clear that in the 21st-century abstinence is not working and many people are sexually active. This indicates that preaching abstinence should be supplemented by safe sex information (A Benton, 2016). The argument of who is to be responsible for pregnancy protection has been there with different people having contradicting opinions.

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Pregnancy protection should be a responsibility of both the man and woman. This helps them to have planned and prepared births. When one part is left to be responsible, it may lead to chaos. This may lead to breakups or worse actions in occasions where the couple has different expectations. It is better for the woman, for example, to make her partner aware if she wants a kid.

Birth control methods are measures involved in preventing pregnancy. Many birth control measures are ranging from the use of condoms and taking pills among others. The lady should raise the discussion about which birth control measure to adopt. This is because she is the one who is affected in most cases (Nielsen, 1993). Some ladies who are sensitive to condoms or pills have bad effects; the man will not know unless told. This makes it significant for the lady to initiate birth control measure mostly when they are in relationships.

The question of who take care of bills arising from pregnancy prevention has many opinions. Typically the man is perceived as being responsible. In reality, though, financial constraints should be considered. If the man can pay the bills, he should and if the lady is, she should. In a situation where one can only pay part of the cost, the other party should support.

The method of birth control to be used will vary from a couple to another depending on some factors. First, the effects of the method should be considered and the dangers. Married couple may opt for different and advanced methods as compared to dating ones. Whichever method to be adopted though should be an agreement of the couple.

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