Essay Example: Health Goals Research

Published: 2018-07-12
Essay Example: Health Goals Research
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Diabetes is a potentially life-threatening condition which is usually associated with poor lifestyle choices. These lifestyle choices include consuming unhealthy foods and drinks. As such, health conscious people have to invest their time and effort in developing programs which will help them to mitigate the effects of their unhealthy lifestyle while at the same time ushering them to a health-centric phase of their lives. SMART goals help health-conscious people to develop plans that have the desired goals and are easy to implement.

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Goal component Nature
Specific I want to reduce my intake of junk food and drinks such as Coca Cola. In turn I will increase my vegetable intake as well as my rate of exercising to reduce the risk of developing Diabetes type 2 and hyperlipidemia

I will reduce my intake of junk food and cola intake to zero. Further, I will make use of MyFitnessPal to help me in calculating the amount of calories I burn through physical activities. And the amount of calories I consume.

Junk foods and Cola tend to contain a lot of calories. I will aim to consume enough calories based on recommendations from MyFitnessPal that factor in my Basal Metabolic Rate and my daily workout schedule. In the first two days I hope to reduce excess calorie intake by 50% and at the end of the week by 80%.

Attainable I will work on resisting any urges to consume unhealthy foods by reminding myself of the health risks (Diabetes type 2 and hyperlipidemia) involved with the consumption of such meals. I have not exercised in a while. Because of cravings associated with junk food and Cola I will have to gradually wean myself off such unhealthy foods. I will find healthy alternatives such as soy meat to compensate for the loss of a junk food diet.
Relevant Considering that the short period holiday is now over will have myself only to cook for. This will allow me to customize my meals to suit my health needs. I will cook less of junk food and more of vegetables and low calorie diets
Time bound

I cannot stop consuming junk immediately because I will have a lot of cravings and I may relapse. As such, I will ease myself off Cola and junk foods during the first week. I will begin by cutting down my cola consumption from 4 bottles a day to two bottles within the first three days. At the same time, I will reduce my junk food intake from three meals to one meal. At the end of the first week I target to consume zero junk food and zero cans of Cola.

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