Literary Essay Sample on Romantics and Realists

Published: 2018-08-16
Literary Essay Sample on Romantics and Realists
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Early nineteenth century

Technically, romanticism is applied by the early nineteenth century when it comes to describing the literature distinguishing by a new interest in reference to human psychology, the expression of personal feelings, description of the movement of art and literature and the general interest when it comes to the natural world. On the other side, realism is referred to one of the mid-nineteenth-century artistic movement that has the characteristics of subjects painted from everyday life in a manner which is naturalistic, however to some extent the term is generally applied in giving the description of artwork painted in a realistic and almost in a photographic way. Taking the virtual tour at national gallery of art romanticism generally provides a suggestion with inspiration when it comes to creative imagination and an intense, with the realistic artist focusing on a representation of existent and real things.

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Critically, if I would be an artist in the 18th early and 19th century, I would focus on being a realist, since it actually gives me the actual chance when it comes to representing the subject matter in a truthful manner without the artificial avoidance when it comes to implausible, conventions, supernatural and exotic elements. Basically, I am motivated by the detailed, precise, photographic precision and the naturalism that is only based on realism art. Basically, the subject illusionistic realism which is focused on the accurate representation of the appearance visually basing the concentration on the things with a very long history in art, specifically I will focus on the anatomy of animals and humans. Basically, the motivation behind this is the illusionary effect in bringing the final painting. One of the artist works that is able to greatly influence me is a Burial at Ornans (1849-1850) by the Gustave Courbet as the main artist, the great work of art will influence my painting to a modernism perspective.

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