Film Review Essay Sample on The Battle of Algiers

Published: 2019-04-01
Film Review Essay Sample on The Battle of Algiers
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The Battle of Algiers as a political film

The Battle of Algiers is a political film that recreates events about the struggle of Algerians for emancipation from French colonial rule, in the 1950's. The film is by Gilo Pontecorvo, an Italian filmmaker. In the film, it is revealed that fear and violence escalated in the city of Algiers as FLN, a revolutionary organization constituting Algerians fought for independence. FLN used military and terrorist tactics which included planting of bombs that targeted Europeans in its quest to liberate Algerians. The film is still relevant in the contemporary world for its apt depiction of revolutionary struggles.

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The film portrays FLN as individuals who were determined to ensure that Algerians were emancipated from French colonial rule. I sympathize with the way FLN's top leadership is captured and assassinated by French army paratroopers in a bid by the latter to weaken FLN. I salute the FLN for showing a spirit of nationalism even in the face of death. FLN proves that even though it does not have the same financial backing as the French army, its members were determined and had exceptional military tactics. The FLN rounded up suspected French collaborators and executed them as a way of sending a chilling message that traitors of the Algerian course would not be tolerated. Europeans who were in Algeria at the time were harassed so that they could pile pressure on France to surrender its occupation of Algeria and leave Algeria for Algerians. FLN is successful in recruiting its members by use of radical political teachings. The radical political teachings compel many young Algerians to willingly join FLN with the belief that they were getting involved in a selfless and noble cause. I sympathize with Ali, a former thief who decides to play a leading role in ensuring that Algerian people are liberated from the colonial government, but is later killed by the French army. FLN was determined in ensuring that they liberate Algerians from colonial rule and their quest was full of profound struggle. FLN members struggle not to listen to some of their close relatives and friends who are against their cause. It is difficult for FLN members to involve themselves in a cause when people who they thought would offer them emotional support were criticizing them instead of supporting them. FLN members abandon peaceful and lives free of danger to engage in a quest where the probability of being killed was very high! There are very few people who would abandon a life of peace and turn to a life of violence where the threat of being killed is real. FLN members deserve praise for exemplifying the epitome of selflessness. FLN members knew that by joining the revolution, they would not only be putting their lives at risk, they would also be putting lives of their family members and friends at risk!

The film depicts FLN's think tank as being brilliant given that it uses political ideologies to recruit new members. Use of political teachings and ideologies is one of the best ways that a revolution can be kept alive. Individuals who embark on a revolution should be highly convinced that what they are about to get involved is a worthy cause, worthy to die for. All successful revolutionary movements in the world have used political ideologies and teachings to ensure that its members stay loyal and true to the revolutionary cause. FLN's ideologies are based on teachings of Karl Marx and nationalist teachings. Karl Marx is one of the most famous scholars who advocated for socialism as the best way to approach social issues and ensure equal opportunities are created for all people regardless of any social prejudice. Nationalism galvanizes FLN's resolve to liberate Algeria from colonial rule. FLN members also draw their strengths from Islamic teachings found in the Quran. Islamic teachings spur consciousness of FLN members and made them believe that their cause was justified in the eyes of Allah!


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