Free Essay Sample on Immigration

Published: 2018-11-27
Free Essay Sample on Immigration
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New settlement

Immigration gets defined as the movement of people from their native countries to other countries for various reasons. Some of the reasons which may lead to people seeking new settlement get founded on economic or political factors, natural disasters or even the desire of seeking new surroundings. In most cases, the whole issue of immigration leads to certain impacts on both the home and the hosting country. Therefore, this paper gets founded on an essay which addresses the impacts of immigration on both the home and destination nation.

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In consideration of the aspect of immigration getting argued to involve people leaving their native countries to other nations, it has been argued that the home country usually suffers certain disadvantages. Some of these negative impacts on the home country include the reduction of the population due to the high number of immigrants (Borjas, 2014). There is also a notable reduction on the production level and the spending level because those who would engage in both production and spending have immigrated for various reasons.

Economic experts also share in their argument by recognizing an economic level of a country by assessing its production and spending level. A reduction in both as indicated earlier gets argued as a clear indication of a failing state. In some cases, the reason for migrating from the mother country to another nation may also get based on matters of religious persecution, political reasons among other negative reasons which may make the immigrants not to go back to their motherland (White & Tadesse, 2011). It can, therefore, get deduced from the discussion brought forward that the issue of immigration mostly poses negative impacts on the home country as portrayed in the paper.

Cheap labor

However, the impacts experienced by the hosting country can either get based on advantages or challenges depending on the state of that particular country. Some of the advantages get noted on the provision of cheap labor. Most immigrants are people who come from their countries to seek greener pastures from other nations where they settle as immigrants, and are, therefore, ready to partake of any job provided they earn some income. For them to match the actual competition, they end up offering their skilled labor for little pay. Another advantage gets based on the provision of skilled labor. Some of the immigrants possess excellent skills and talent in various fields (In Eckstein & In Najam, 2013). The host country benefits from these skills and talents in areas that require knowledge and production for the purpose of increasing the betterment and productivity of the nation. Finally, the last positive impact gets founded on the aspect of cultural diversity. Diversity assists in loosening the racism and discrimination grip. People learn about new things and also what goes on in other countries. It can thus get noted that the aspect of diversity helps in making life better for both the citizens of the hosting nation and appreciation of the aspect of humanity in general.

Even as the positive impacts get discussed, there also exist the negative impacts which the country which takes the role of the host suffers. For example, job loss and competition. The presence of immigrants contributes to job loss on the natives due to cheap labor and skills of the immigrants. They migrate to the hosting countries with the capacity of offering similar skills which get offered by the natives and charges their services moderately lower to match the competition level (In Haas & In Hird, 2013). The mentioned lead to many native skilled workers losing their jobs hence becoming jobless. The next negative impacts get pointed out in the aspect of discrimination and racism. It gets argued that the issue of immigration may end up fueling racism and discrimination due to certain factors. For example, the immigrants may not be able to express themselves in the languages spoken by the communities in the hosting countries. The aspect may cause both communication and interaction barriers. Once the barriers exist, racism and discrimination take the course.

Health standards

Immigration may also lead to the prevalence of certain diseases since most immigrants fail to follow legal channels which may ascertain their health standards before getting allowed to enter to the hosting nations. They may thus end up transferring the diseases to the natives. Other impacts include; increase in matters pertaining crime and subsequent increase of population (Nijkamp, Poot, & Sahin, 2012). The assertion is based on the aspect of joblessness which drives the immigrants in other nations. In the event they fail to secure jobs, they may end up in criminal acts to meet their survival. The increase of population is realized because they add to the existing population of their hosting country. Finally, the aspect of immigration constitutes both negative and positive impacts as imaged in the paper. It is equally an issue which has posed serious challenges to many homes and hosting nations of the immigrants. Therefore, it is an issue which should get addressed extensively and possible solutions reached.

In summary, the issue of immigration gets imaged in the paper as one which has led to various impacts on both the home and the hosting nations of the immigrants. In the case of their home countries, the paper argues most impacts based on the negative dimension as pointed out in the earlier paragraphs of the paper. On the other hand, the paper discusses the impacts faced by the hosting nations in light of both negative and positive perspectives as mirrored in the whole paper. Therefore, immigration gets argued as an issue which still poses various challenges to both the home and hosting countries which should get addressed to allow smooth operation of the economy of both the nations.


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