Free Essay Sample on Girl Groups

Published: 2019-04-17
Free Essay Sample on Girl Groups
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A girl group as a music act

A girl group is a music act that is featuring all singers who harmonized together generally. In a narrower sense the term "girl group" is used is in the United States of America to symbolize the female singing groups of pop music. In that regard, many of them were influenced by doo-wop. In such terms, All-female bands considered to a separate phenomenon as members also were playing instruments. In connection to that, there is girl group which is the instrumentalist's Girl school and girl bands which are regarded as Girls Aloud and vocalist groups Sugababes. Such groups had lyrics which were addressing themes of particular importance to adolescents by focusing on the complexities of imminent womanhood, parents strictness, and boys. They focused on things which were considered unnecessary to sing about previously.

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In conjunction to that, on the side of feminism girl groups facilitated widespread cultural sentiments to be incorporated into the music due to the persistent structure to the further generations. At long last though the groups which were from the beginning were structured in their femininity, the appearance of feminism and girl power was also added. In that regard, girl groups were of much importance as it could give their audiences advice and it had a back-and-forth dialogue between the main singer and backup singers. The songs of Girl groups were revolving around gossip, support, and love. Even though those themes were not regarded, they are of much importance in the life of human beings as those songs touch the unique parts that need to be addressed in the society. Girl groups songs had prominent themes which were more educative on the meaning of being a woman. The clothes girl groups were wearing in the actual lyrics in their songs acted as the exhibition of womanhood. Always girl groups remained to serve as beacons and being an example to their audiences regardless of change the maintained the distinct identities. To parents, the music was seen dangerous as the earlier generation of girl groups was exploited. The music put emphasis on the importance of a sort of feminism and women's independence. Therefore the girl groups music was of much importance as it made a woman to be an object of respect in the society.


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