Essay Outline Example on Hand Washing

Published: 2018-04-12
Essay Outline Example on Hand Washing
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• A thesis statement

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The use of alcohol-based antiseptic hand rub contributes to infection control because clean care is positively correlated to safer care in the nursing profession

Three main points supporting the thesis statement

1. Hand washing helps in disease prevention

2. Hand washing in homes helps reduce the spread of infectious diseases so the patients should be educated to wash hand.

3. Healthcare-associated infections (HCAIs) among the neonates and pregnant women can help reduce surgical infection by 40%

• Hand washing helps

A paragraph supporting one of the main points listed above. The paragraph (250- 450 words) should include:

• Hand washing helps in infection prevention

Hand washing has increasingly become one of the most important Infection control measures taking by nurses especially those who are in direct contact with the patients. Even though nurses use hand gloves, the importance of alcohol-based hand rubs cannot be understated (Dean, 2017). The neonates are susceptible to infections, and the percentage of maternal and neonatal infection in a low-risk population has reduced by 50% as a result of hand washing. Most of the deaths in the emergency rooms as due to time lost scabbing and could be prevented by using alcohol based hand washes. As a nurse, washing hands before and after handling neonates and other patients are important, especially when handling prescription drugs (Korst et al., 2005). Most patients acquire hospital infections due to poor hand washing practices by the nurses. The nurses can either prevent infection by washing hands or not handle the drugs without washing bands. Over 308,841 mother-newborn pairs in the low-risk population give birth in hospitals out of which 0.4% develops the uterine infection while 1.4% of these neonates developed a neonatal infection as a result of poor hand washing practices (Louh et al., 2017). Dental healthcare personnel is also known to have registered the hits number of infections due to unhygienic procedures, and this is mostly associated with poor hand washing practices. Most of the dental care infection a could be prevented by simply washing hands before providing dental care. Nurses are therefore expected to implement the latest Centres for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines, equipment, and techniques for to reduce infections.

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