Free Essay Example: Health Care Services to the General Public

Published: 2023-02-08
Free Essay Example: Health Care Services to the General Public
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Barbara is generally concerned with providing health care services to the general public. From its SWOT analysis, the main focus on the strategic plan should be recommended to establish a convenient system that can meet the needs of the healthcare facility effectively and efficiently. Hence, the strategy will help it focus on implementing fast policies, which allows easy recording keeping of patients and processing of the required information, thus offering quality support to the patients. The systems should, therefore, allow for easy access to patient information and keeping such records for future references. Also, the focus should be on establishing a user-friendly system, a system that supports a wide range of functions to enhance easy accessibility whenever a need arises, and they should provide training facilities to enable the health care providers to use the systems.

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The EHR system that was selected that will contribute to the strategy is eClinical works HER. One of the contributions to this strategy is its ability to keep and maintain highly organized data and its fast processing speed (Rechtman, Rashbaum, & Gelzer, 2019). Hence, such a system will improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the organization in terms of record-keeping and delivering services. Such promotes patient satisfaction, in such a way that they can access the system at any period. Hence, the system will significantly impact on the organization in such a way that it will assist the health care providers in accessing the information. The system also ensures the security of patient information preventing it not to be accessed by unauthorized people. One of the advantages of eClinical works is that it requires low capital to start, which means that Barbara will incur low costs in establishing the system.

In developing action items, she needs to consider how they will benefit the organization in achieving its primary goals and objectives. Hence, the establishment of Electronic Health System will improve on the clinical processes reformatting most of its operation more effective and efficient in providing care services. Some of the actions that should be taken, relating to the strategy include, establishing a team that has skills and provides information on how the system would be implemented - also, the data entry requirements, as to what data will be entered into the system. The last action to be taken relating to the strategy is the establishment of a room, where the purchase of these new systems will require a place that they will be set up (Baird, Davidson, & Mathiassen, 2017). For the system to be in use, the launching must also be done to inform how the order will be working accompanied by the initiation of the training plan.

Basing on the action items, it's found that the new system is being introduced in the health care sector. Therefore, the recommended outcome is that the medical professionals and the patients be trained on how to use the system (Baird, Davidson, & Mathiassen, 2017). That concerns informing the patients on how they will be accessing services, giving them logging in information and be shown how they will log in and how to ask questions. Also, another recommendation is to seek alternative ways of operation in cases where the system fails to work or cases of power failure to prevent interference of its activities. Any updates and upgrades should be communicated to people earlier, and training offered, hence ensuring continued use of the system.


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